Recipes, tips and tricks to keep you healthy.

Recipe Of The Month; Grilled Goodness!!!

So summer is here once more and it’s that time when we whip out the ovens and start grilling!!! I absolutely love grilled food as it is usually tastier and definitely a much better alternative to frying food in oil. So if you’re hosting this summer and thinking of how you can infuse your new


How To Build A Healthy Menu

If there is one question I get a lot!!! This is it. So many people are super excited to start their Weightloss and fitness journeys and want to ensure they’re not doing the wrong things. I understand how very confusing it can all seem. You’re hearing about veggies, healthy fats, oil and you’re just like


How To Build A Healthy Burger

So I know that most people love their burgers and fries very likely as well, and as a fitness coach and nutritionist, one of the sustainable ways I preach to lose weight and keep it off, is not cutting off things entirely from your diet, but managing quantity and learning to substitute the unhealthy for


Eat Your Way To A Six Pack

Yes you definitely read that right!! I always say that Abs are made in the kitchen and it is one of my favorite and truest hashtags. While Abs can be made on the floor when crunching, the other place they can be made is in your kitchen. What you eat will determine whether that layer


How Can I Increase My Water Intake?

I get this question all the time, so here’s an answer for you. So one of the first things you will hear when you embark on a journey of health and fitness, is that you need to increase your water intake. This is very true. Essentially, our bodies are made up of over 60% water


Massoxi’s AL Journey

Over the years, I have had truly exceptional clients who ended up not just losing weight and getting healthier, but inspiring even me the coach, in the process. I decided to start this AL Journey series, to know their when’s, their why’s, and their how’s. As a firm believer in the power of stories to


How To Avoid The Weekend Binge

So we have all been there. You work really hard during the week, you lift your weights, do your cardio and generally do your best to eat clean. It just seems though that once the clock hits 6pm on Friday, all our fitfam manners fly out the window and we’re eating much more than we


How To Burn 1000 Calories

So summer is already loading, I mean it’s literally just a few months away and if you have been slacking, then it’s time to get this party started, so we can all be bikini ready. For weightloss, the truth is that it is not enough to workout, nope, you actually have to burn a certain