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Hi I'm April

I’m a fitness entrepreneur, certified nutritionist, and a fitness instructor who takes conscious efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. After helping my husband lose over 40kg, I have been able to coach thousands of people from over 25 countries to adopt lifestyle changes with the #LifestyleChangeWithApril weight loss program.

I am passionate about people, passionate about helping others and generally speaking, a woman trying to make a difference in the world. With over 4 years of research on healthy eating and being a nutritionist, people all over the world are shedding tons of pounds and keeping the weight off, forever!

I believe eating clean should never be boring and also believe in a healthy lifestyle rather than a quick diet fix. With any plan you sign up for, be ready to change your lifestyle, regain your confidence and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

My approach enables 

you to achieve your 

weight loss goals and 

keep it off forever!


Learn how to take full control of your health and wellbeing. The Lifestyle Change With April is here to get you in the best shape ever while having fun and eating delicious meals!

What People Are Saying About the LifestyleChangeWithAprill

Helping Clients get in the best shape ever while having fun and eating delicious meals! We feel your pain and understand your frustrations but you don’t have to feel this way forever! We understand the feeling of empowerment when you learn how to take full control of your health and well-being.

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The Lifestyle Change With April:

Huge variety of yummy healthy recipes.

Eat better without feeling deprived.

Say goodbye to fad diets.

Your family eats clean and stays healthy.

Build your fitness level.


Eating Clean Should Never Be Boring

You Don’t Have To Starve To Lose Weight

You Don’t Need Extreme Fads To Lose Weight

Eating Clean Can Be Fun