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Hi, I’m April!

I’m a fitness entrepreneur, certified nutritionist, and qualified personal trainer, here to help you take control of your health and wellbeing.

Join thousands of people from over 25 countries who have used the #LifestyleChangeWithApril program to improve their health, get fit and make a permanent lifestyle change.

How It Works

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Choose your program

There are 4 fitness programs to choose from, all designed to transform you in 4 weeks, 100 days, or 6 months. Start your transformation now.

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Follow your healthy meal plan

Each program includes a healthy meal plan, a fitness coach, daily accountability, and guidance on what to eat and how to build a personal exercise regimen for sustainable weight loss.

April Laugh

Join our online community

Join our community and find the support you need to stay accountable and on track. Get online coaching, healthy lifestyle tips and inspiration on how to eat clean.

Your transformation story starts here…

I believe eating clean should never be boring and also believe in a healthier lifestyle rather than a quick fix diet.

You can expect to change your lifestyle, regain your confidence and achieve your fitness goals on any of our fitness programs.

I’m treating my body so much better and I’m setting a better example for my son. I’ve learned how to prepare healthy meals and fit in exercise no matter what.


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