April Laugh is a published author, fitness coach, and certified nutritionist. She designs fitness programs and nutrition courses which focus on the development of healthy habits for life, supported by a fierce community of women.

She’s committed to helping people lose weight and live healthy lives through her online platforms. She has helped thousands of people from over 25 countries on the #LifestyleChangeWithApril program to improve their health, get fit and make a permanent lifestyle change.

When April is not creating new healthy smoothie recipes or consulting with her clients, April is visiting new places with her husband and two children or reading a new book.

What Flo Eats 1

Suitable For: Babies & Toddlers

What Flo Eats is a healthy baby weaning book for babies and beyond. In this book, I will show you when to wean, how to introduce your baby to solids, how to make your baby eat healthy with 50 yummy nutritious recipes that are very easy to follow.

I have also included a 4-week baby meal planner that will show you when to feed and the right portions to start your baby with. You will enjoy feeding your baby yummy nutritious meals, giving them a healthy start to the future.

What Flo Eats 2

Suitable For: Babies & Toddlers

 What Flo Eats II – is perfect for parents of toddlers! This how-to book will have a total of 50 recipes featuring lots of healthy meals for your toddler to help them grow strong and aid their development at this crucial stage of life. Flo Eats II will cover recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as everything in between, with healthy and palatable snack and dessert options for your growing tot.

Flo’s Fro & Curls: A Book on Growing and Nurturing Your Baby’s Hair

Washing a child’s hair is many times a dedicated process that the child might not look forward to, especially those that are African and of African descent. Flo’s Fro and Curls takes that process and makes it a fun time for the children to participate in with vibrant images and wonderful descriptions that they will be reciting with excitement in no time.

Self Care Planner

After the success of the April Laugh 365 Day Food Journal, April Laugh introduces the Self Care Planner with 52 Weeks Meal Plan. The new and 2nd edition takes you through daily and weekly self care reminders, activities and challenges.

Taking care of yourself is something everyone knows but not something everyone does. This self-care planner will help you stay dedicated to the goal of taking care of yourself in the best way possible. With meal plans for a whole year, this book will introduce you to a variety of meals that are tasty, healthy and help you on your weight loss journey. Take charge of your health and fitness today with this planner.

365 Day Food Journal

This food journal is your secret weapon to staying on track to meet your weight loss goals and achieving amazing results on your journey. Maybe you’re looking to slim down for a special event, wedding, or you just want to live a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps you already eat well and exercise, but your diet could use a little boost! Whatever you are looking to achieve, April Laugh expertly created food journal will give you a daily support tool, equipping you with the skills you will need in order to reach your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

Detox With April

A 7-Day Detox Challenge with Recipes and Detox Plan. 

Having a detox is a fantastic way to curb your excessive food cravings and get rid of food addictions. Maybe you’re back from an holiday or about to go on one, the Detox With April book will help you to lose weight FAST, cleanse your body and improve your energy levels. 

The book contains:

Detox Plan

Detox Recipes

Detox Shopping List

30 Day Weight Loss Framework

The 30 Day Weight Loss Framework: Easy-to-follow Plan To Help You Lose Up To 10 Pounds In 30 Days And Keep It Off!

Tried and tested framework to help you lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days and keep it off! Personal lessons, meal plans, and workout guides that will help your body and mind focus on your weight loss journey.

A balanced framework tried and recommended by over *500* people. Easy-to-follow plan to help you lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days and keep it off! Personal lessons, meal plans, and workout guides that will help your body and mind focus on your weight loss journey.

This is Postpartum!

This book takes the postpartum mama on a journey filled with understanding and a strong desire to see her win. Written by a mom of two who battled (and won!) conditions like postpartum depression and diastasis recti, April Laugh brings both her experience as a mother and a weight loss coach to address topics such as exercising after caesarean and vaginal birth, postpartum depression, self-care, nutrition and more. She shares her own postpartum stories and shares all the proven tips that have worked in her many years of coaching postpartum mamas.

Congratulations mama, this is just the book you needed.