Fitness Programme Rules

Effective date: [[ 21st March 2024]]

“Welcome to April Laugh’s Fitness Programme Rules! You agree you will celebrate the body you have and recognise that you can be healthy and fit at any shape or age. You agree to enjoy yourself on this journey, have fun, live, love, and laugh every day.”

    • These Fitness Programme Rules are incorporated into and form part of your contract with us. You should read them carefully to ensure you are able to comply. We may update these rules from time to time to maximise the effectiveness of our programme. If we do, we will notify you of the changes.
    • We want your experience at April Laugh to be safe and productive, so you must comply with these rules during the programme. These rules set out your minimum nutritional and workout obligations whilst on the programme.
    • Failure to comply with these rules may not only affect your fitness goal but it may also affect your health & safety. April Laugh may end your subscription immediately (without refund) if you fail to follow any aspect of these rules.
    • Please also read our Fitness Programme Terms of Subscription to understand your and our legal rights and responsibility when you subscribe to our fitness programme. A copy of our terms and conditions is available to view from our website.
    • Although we provide our services with your health and safety in mind, everyone has their own limitations, and it is therefore critical that you consult your physician or other licensed healthcare provider before subscribing to our fitness programme especially if you are prone to injuries or have any other unique or special medical conditions. 
    • Our fitness programme is not a substitute for, nor does it constitute medical advice or other professional healthcare advice. We are not functioning in any clinical or licensed medical or psychological capacity, we are only providing information and educational self-help resources. You must consult a physician or licensed healthcare provider if you have concerns about your health.
    • You agree to persevere throughout the programme and not to beat yourself up if you occasionally slip up. This is a journey not an event!
    • You agree to be respectful and kind to all April Laugh personnel and participants in the programme. Abusive conduct is unacceptable, and April Laugh may end your subscription with immediate effect (and no refund) if you are abusive during the programme.
    • You agree to be kind to yourself, understand your limits and strengths, and set realistic weekly fitness goals.
    • You agree to follow any additional instruction issued by your trainer from time to time because it is for your own good.
    • We provide a meal plan as part of the fitness programme. The meal plan and other related information are designed to help participants eat healthily to reach their fitness goals.
    • You must follow the meal plan during the fitness programme to maximise your prospects of meeting your fitness goal. The meal plan is designed to replenish your body with nutritional low-calorie food whilst you complete the workout plan. You must report your daily meals (breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner) to your accountability group during the course of the programme in accordance with our User Accountability Policy. You agree you will not reward yourself with food.
    • You must plan and prepare your weekly meals in advance each week.
    • While any nutritional information we may provide is designed to safely align with our exercise regimens, you must consult your physician before beginning any nutritional plan or altering any dietary regimen, especially if you have any unique or special medical needs or conditions, such as food allergies or dietary restrictions.
    • You must not participate in our workout plan unless you have completed the recommended medical assessment to confirm your suitability for the workout plan.
    • You must complete a mandatory minimum of four workout sessions each week from either your April Laugh workout plan or your own independent workouts. You must report your workout sessions to your accountability group at the end of each session as set out in our User Accountability Policy.
    • You must perform our workouts as instructed by your fitness instructor to minimise the risk of discomfort and injury. However, you should be aware that workouts always involve an element of discomfort and risk of physical injury so we cannot guarantee you will not suffer any discomfort or physical injury (whether minor, severe or otherwise) during and after each workout. April Laugh is not responsible for any discomfort or physical injury suffered by you as a result of your participation in a workout unless we deliver the workout negligently.
    • During April Laugh workouts, you must refrain from using phones, joining and exiting the workout in session or any other form of distraction. You should also refrain from any other activity that could potentially disrupt you, the instructor or other participants.
    • During April Laugh workouts, you must maintain your microphones on mute unless you are instructed otherwise by the instructor.
    • Our workout sessions are recorded, and the recordings made available on-demand to participants via our April Laugh app. You must not join our workout sessions unless you consent to the session being recorded and stored on our April Laugh app. Please refer to section 19 of our Terms of Subscription for more information about our recording.
    • You must complete fortnightly weigh-ins to monitor the progress of your fitness journey. You must submit your fortnightly weigh-in results to your accountability group as outlined in the User Accountability Policy. 
    • We hold participants accountable during the fitness programme via an online accountability group. The purpose of the group is to guide, encourage and motivate participants to reach their fitness goals. You must report daily your nutritional and workout progress to the group as set out in the User Accountability Policy. A copy of the User Accountability Rules is available to view from our website.
    • Failure to follow the User Accountability Policy may lead to your suspension or eviction from the accountability group. If you are suspended or evicted from the accountability group, you will continue to have access to the meal plan and the online workout plan.
    • During the programme, you may have access to other participants’ confidential and sensitive information such as photos, contact information and weight information shared on the accountability group. You must respect other participants’ confidentiality during and after the programme by (1) refraining from disclosing such information to a third party or (2) using or making copies of the confidential information. If your device makes an automatic copy of content shared, you must delete it immediately.
    • April Laugh and other participants may pursue legal action against you if you misuse any confidential information accessed during the programme.


“Notwithstanding that we operate as a group, it is imperative that you bear in mind that this is your personal journey. So, expect the most from yourself because you are capable, and enjoy every bit of it. Good luck as you crush your goals!” – April Laugh