About April Laugh

April Laugh is a renowned Professional Weight Loss Coach and Personal Nutritionist, dedicated to transforming lives through her comprehensive program. With a track record of success, April has empowered over 30,000 clients to achieve their weight loss goals and embrace healthier lifestyles. Her expertise goes beyond mere weight loss, as many of her clients have experienced remarkable improvements in their overall health, including significant reductions in medications for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, and body aches.

As a bestselling author, April has penned influential nutrition books, including guides tailored for children and weight loss enthusiasts. Her books have become trusted resources, providing valuable insights and practical tips for achieving and maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet.

In her free time, April is passionate about helping people identify their passions and guiding them on how to start or grow their business using social media platforms. She recognises the power of these platforms in creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and eagerly shares her knowledge and experiences to empower others.

When she’s not guiding clients, writing, or supporting aspiring entrepreneurs, April finds joy in physical activity and exploration. She is an avid exerciser, constantly seeking new ways to challenge herself. Alongside her passion for fitness, April also channels her creativity into creating delicious recipes and customized meal plans for her clients. Her dedication extends to her own family, where she takes pleasure in cooking healthy meals for her husband and two children.

Driven by wanderlust, April and her family embark on adventures around the world, experiencing diverse cultures and cuisines. In pursuit of personal goals, April has set her sights on running a marathon in her 40s, a testament to her resilience and determination.

April Laugh’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives through sustainable weight loss and nutritional guidance has earned her a well-deserved reputation. She continues to inspire and empower others to make positive changes, both in their health and entrepreneurial journeys. Her impact on the well-being of individuals, families, and aspiring business owners is truly remarkable.


I started when I was 29 years old , I didn’t like the way I looked as a single lady, I knew I had to do something about it.


I helped my husband lose 40KG in 8 months, I shared this online and ever since then, I’ve helped over 30K people lose weight and keep it off from over 30 countries.


I had a c-section delivery with Bryan and the recovery was one of the painful things I’ve ever experienced in my life. Not only was recovery HARD but the SHOCK seeing my post c-section tummy was unbelievable. I mean, I had 6 packs before getting pregnant, how do I get back in shape with my tummy looking like this? My heart sank but guess what?! I did!


With Flo, I had a VBAC and recovery was smooth but I had postpartum depression 🥺 Thankfully, fitness was one of my coping mechanisms to getting out of the blues.


I helped Star Queen lose 51kg in 11 months and got off medication for diabetes, fatty liver and arthritis


I published my latest book - Self Care Planner. Asides being a fitness coach, I’m also a BESTSELLING author and I love sharing my knowledge through books tailored for both adults and kids. 


I hosted some members of my community on April Laugh Wellness retreat in Lincolnshire, UK


I launched the April Laugh Fitness App!  This isn’t just another fitness app. This is a supportive community, personalized guidance, and a roadmap to sustainable results, all rolled into one.  Get ready to experience fitness in a whole new way!  I can’t wait to unveil all the exciting features, workouts and meal plans designed to fit your life, motivate you, help you lose weight and make you feel amazing.
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