Discover the Secrets of a Bestselling Author, Weight Loss Coach, and Successful Online Entrepreneur - All from the Comfort of Home!

Wealth from Within Coaching With April Laugh

Are you…

Feeling Lost? Unsure of how to make your passion or talent profitable online?

Overwhelmed? Navigating the digital realm and don’t know where to start?

Undervalued? Creating content but not seeing the returns you deserve?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Feel like you're drowning in the vast sea of online business? Want to transform your passion into profit but don't know where to start? You're in the right place!

Here’s What You’ll Get in Our Coaching Call:


Online Business Blueprint

What it truly takes to launch and sustain a successful online venture.


Social Media Mastery

Key strategies for growing a genuine and engaged following.


Content Conversion

Crafting content that not only resonates but also converts viewers into loyal customers.


Community Creation

A detailed guide on how to nurture and grow a thriving online community from the ground up.


Product Launch Playbook

The ins and outs of launching online products effectively.


Amazon Author Success

Step-by-step guidance on publishing your book on Amazon and strategies to sell your first 100 copies.

Hi, I’m April. Over the past decade, I’ve not only built a successful online empire but also penned over 9 Amazon bestsellers, all while being a dedicated stay-at-home mom and wife. I believe that with the right guidance, anyone can unlock the hidden potential of their content or talents.

Why Learn From Me?

– Proven Track Record: Over 10 years of online content creation and successful business operations.

– Real Results: An Amazon bestselling author with a formula that works.

– Balanced Perspective: First hand experience in harmonising personal and professional aspirations.

The online space holds limitless potential. With the right guidance, you can unlock doors you never even knew existed.

Ready to Dive Deep and Achieve Your Online Dreams? Book Your Coaching Call NOW! There’ll be an option to work with me for a longer term on the call.

If I can do it, you can!

At the age of 32, I relocated to a new country and had to start my life all over again. I was scared, confused and worried but amidst those emotions, I knew that I had to build something sustainable and profitable.

My first business was born out of my search for a healthier approach to losing pregnancy weight and being healthier mentally. When I found that I could create a much different experience for myself postpartum, I decided to create the same value for women all around the world. From that time till now, I have worked with over 30,000 women and built other profitable businesses off the back of that one idea!

After 8 years of success and many lessons, I can now monetise any passion in my sleep. I have done the work and have made the mistakes you shouldn’t make. After building lots online businesses which are currently running concurrently, I realized that the only limit that exists in creating a successful business is the limit in your mind.

My goal for everyone I coach is to optimise you thoroughly! Give me an idea and I’ll work with you to make it an empire. Give me your mind, and I’ll work with you to make it a world of endless possibilities!

I share knowledge that a google search won’t give you, lessons that cannot come from downloading a template online, and networks that make your work faster! Nothing less.