Massoxi’s AL Journey

Over the years, I have had truly exceptional clients who ended up not just losing weight and getting healthier, but inspiring even me the coach, in the process.

I decided to start this AL Journey series, to know their when’s, their why’s, and their how’s.

As a firm believer in the power of stories to inspire and inform, I hope that my interview with Massoxi and her story, both informs you and inspires you, to take charge of your health.

She did it, and you can too. Here is Massoxi’s AL Journey.

Please introduce yourself Massoxi.

I’m Massoxi Miguel, an Angolan, living in Luanda. I am married with two daughters – 7 and 4 year olds. I’m a Petroleum Engineer, who has been blessed to work in the Oil&Gas Sector for close to 19 yrs.

What was the Aha moment for you,that made you realize you needed to lose weight.

In late 2017, I got restless with my life. I was overweight, stressed out, unhappy with my job, and decided to leave the company where I spent 17 years of my professional life. That was step1.

Step 2 was I realized that I was not happy, with the woman looking back at me in the mirror. I didn’t recognize her, so I asked my dear friend Prisca Massamba what she was doing, because her physical/ mental and spiritual changes were visible. She was the one who introduced me to AL, explained the program send me the site. I did not waste any time, and started the 12 week AL Life Style Change Program on March 15,2018. Before I started I was 115 kg😱😰, wearing a US Size 20!

How did you find out about April Laugh/Fitmrsfats?

Through my friend Prisca Massamba, who had joined AL in September 2017.


What convinced you to join the program?

I saw the changes on Prisca, since she worked with me. Then I read the success stories on the AL site, real stories from real women. They were professionals, mothers, wives, singles, young, old, and all over the world.

I got sold right away. It was truly a “Life Style Change” of eating clean but not the hard dieting, nor the starve yourself plans 🤣.

The meal prep, work out requirements, the water drinking, the coaching but above all the Sisterhood and community care within the support group.

Also, the excellent customer service online. All of that contributed to my decision to board this train to a healthier/happier/more confident ME!

What was the most shocking thing you realized about health/fitness/weightloss?

That it can be done easily, with no struggles when one’s mind is set to it!!

One needs to be ready to sacrifice the time, dedication and desire to make the changes needed to embark on this journey.

Afterwards it becomes a habit, a compulsion and a necessity.

How much weight have you lost so far?

I’ve lost 23 kgs and have lost 6 dress sizes, from a US Size 20 to a US Size 14 in 1 year and 2 months on AL.

Mind you I still need to loss 22 kgs to be on my ideal weight, but I will get there.


How does it feel to have reached your goals?

I have yet to reach my ultimate goal, but the wins I have been able to attain so far, have been fabulous for me. My self esteem, my overall health, my energy levels, my relationship with co workers, husband, children and family members, has improved tremendously.

I have been stopped on the street to be told that I look more beautiful, younger, happier.

Have you kept the weight off?

Yes I have and that’s because I have learned portion control.

When I fall off the wagon, I know I must double my burns, always aiming to maximize my work out time.

Now I have a much better relationship with food, I eat on time and I watch what I eat. The struggle never ends, I’m just more conscious of what I put in my mouth.


What advice do you have for anyone struggling with their weight and thinking of joining the program?

Don’t think too much! JOIN AL ASAP, you will thank me later, trust me.

What you will get from AL, you won’t be able to get it anywhere else, because it’s UNIQUE!

It’s been great speaking with you Massoxi, do you have any other thoughts you want to share?

Never doubt yourself.

If you are not happy at the person looking back at you from the mirror, take action now.

Your health should have no cost, so don’t stop investing in yourself.

Thank you for your time and honesty Massoxi.

You’re most welcome, anytime.




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  1. Dear Massoxi,
    So proud of your hard work and determination. It takes a great deal of strength to recognize the problem, but most of all do something about it. Wishing you all the best!


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