Recipe Of The Month; Grilled Goodness!!!

So summer is here once more and it’s that time when we whip out the ovens and start grilling!!! I absolutely love grilled food as it is usually tastier and definitely a much better alternative to frying food in oil. So if you’re hosting this summer and thinking of how you can infuse your new healthy habits into hosting, consider having a grill and enjoying roasted food with your friends.

So my favorite clean and yet very tasty meal is what I call a plate of grilled goodness. So this plate will typically contain a grilled corn cob, chicken, plantain, vegetables and a dipping sauce. This offers a variety for even the most picky eaters and those not very used to the #fitfam style of eating.

To set up your grill, you’ll need to spray or spread a bit of oil on it lightly. Then start by grilling your chicken or meat choice first as this will take longer to cook, don’t forget to season the chicken first. The next to go on will be your corn cob and plantain. Be sure to keep checking and turning so that nothing gets burnt.

Next you need to make your sauce, do this by blending your pepper and tomatoes together and add seasoning to taste. You can then wrap it up in a foil and put it on the grill to slow cook. Be sure to keep it for at least 30 minutes on the grill.

When your food has less than ten minutes to stay on the fire, spread your green, red and yellow peppers on the grill and allow them roast just a bit before you bring them down. Serve all this on a plate and add your sauce. Feel free to sprinkle basil or any leaves.

You honestly won’t believe how delicious this will be and how aromatic as well.

So there you have it, a summer full of delicious and healthy meals!!


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