How To Build A Healthy Menu

If there is one question I get a lot!!! This is it. So many people are super excited to start their Weightloss and fitness journeys and want to ensure they’re not doing the wrong things.

I understand how very confusing it can all seem. You’re hearing about veggies, healthy fats, oil and you’re just like what exactly is going on?

I’ve been there before, I had just started my own journey to fitness and before I became a certified nutritionist, these were questions I asked as well.

But here a few notes that will help you as go on your own healthy eating journey.


Whether you’re doing this for your health, or you’re trying to lose weight, the results are the same.

So keep these in mind as you shop and get ready.

1) Keep your play colorful; this one is a very important one to note. Some people wonder how can I know I’m getting enough veggies, well here’s one way to know, how colorful is your plate?

If you have a plate full of reds, greens yellows and even purple the you’re definitely in the right direction. Having a variety of fruits keeps you full, and ensures you’re getting your adequate portions of vegetables.

2) Healthy fats; of course with all the talk of high cholesterol going around, you want your fats as healthy as possible. So think of Coconut oil, avocado and peanut butter.


These can be used as spreads for your bread, salads and cooking generally.

3) All carbs are not equal!!! I am not an advocate for the carbs are bad movement but since you’re here for my honest opinion and advice, I’ll have to tell you the truth.


The truth is that they are not all the same. You have the healthier and less calorie infused options like brown rice, potatoes and quinoa as opposed to white rice, white bread and other starchy meals.

4) Grilling is your friend;

Make sure your grilling your food as this is definitely a healthier and tastier option than just boiling it or deep frying in oil.

5) Make your own sauce/cream;I can’t say this loud enough apparently. Most of the salad creams and sauces in bottles, have s whole lot of fats in them. So do yourself a favor and make your own dips, salads and sauces.

A general mix  that can be used as salad cream, spread and a dip is blended avocado and lime or lemon.


So here’s me hoping that these tips help you and that you have the information you need to build a healthy menu for your fitness journey.





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