I spent several years trying to beat the bulge. Name a diet and I probably tried it at some point in my adult life. Some of these attempts were successful but I soon found that the weight crept back on very soon after I achieved a modicum of success. 🤦🏾‍♀They were quite simply unsustainable. I followed April for a few months on Instagram b4 I finally reached out to her.  8 weeks in, I can honestly say I feel healthier and happier than ever before! 🤸🏾‍♀🤸🏾‍♀💪🏾 April, her team and the group of ladies all going through this journey alongside with me have made this programme one of the best decisions I made! It’s been challenging at times but the fabulous support system, the yummy meal plans and just general unending encouragement have helped me push through when I needed it most. I’m not at my goal weight yet (still double-digit kgs to go😜) but I’m learning through #lifestylechangewithapril how to eat clean and stay healthy. 💕 I am definitely in this for the long run!

April Laugh, can I just say your program is awesome. I like the fact that your incorporate exercise into the program because it means I can eat more 😆 plus I also love the way my body is shaping up. 💪🏼 I know I’m very vocal when the weight isn’t coming off so let me be vocal when it is too.....I’m really glad I made the decision to do this last year. Thanks to all our awesome coaches for your support - 3 weeks down, 9 to go....5kg down, 21kg left to lose #pumped 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼”

The journey so far is really really challenging but in a good way. It’s makes me happy to know I can achieve how much I do in the gym. It helps that group has rules because it makes me more accountable and it helps me to curb excuses for not working out. The ALFitHive is a great source of encouragement and entertainment. The ladies are very funny and it’s nice to feel like I’m not alone. It makes me want to try harder like I’m not doing it just for myself anymore but to also make them proud and it’s a really nice feeling.

Finally!!! I won’t say it’s been all smooth for me..but yeaa it’s been a good one. I have conquered laziness! Although I’ve been working out in the gym before I even registered..but this is different I’ve been working really hard and up to 5 times a week that’s unlike me...so yeah I’m working harder than before. Before I registered I was thinking 🤔 will I be eating like all this fad diet. No carb at all. Maybe just water and smoothie..but this is totally different...I’m eating real food and I’m losing weight! Can you beat that?!

It’s been a year since I started this journey and I’m amazed that I stuck through for this long! This is one of the weaknesses that I’ve been trying to kick for a while. So, - lifestyle change ✅ - healthier relationship with food ✅ - staying fit ✅ - weight loss ✅ All my goals met, especially with my work travelling lifestyle, and I’m super grateful. Ok, I’m not at my target weight but I’m at a happy weight now. As long as I stay within 1kg of this, I’ll be happy. I also learned lessons in accountability and sustainability which I didn’t even see coming. Thank you, thank you and thank you! 😘😘😘

“So far so good .. I am so happy and delighted that am no longer feeling depressed with my body, I hate using the scales because it takes time to give results ( involves plenty assignment) but I’m happy that my husband is beginning to see results and have been helpful with his encouragement. my motivation started ever since I saw your before and after delivery picture with CS 😳same like me... Seriously very soon you all will see my after picture and be like wow .. because I’m happy and getting there too!”

Hmm where do I start from...After my first child I was told exclusive breastfeeding will make my tummy go down which I did but men!! No show!!! Had my second baby and I really wanted a change so I found the LifestyleChangeWithApril  on IG which I joined and God helping me it has been good so far I've lost 7kg in 5weeks which is amazing... Sometimes I feel like taking a bottle of coke but hey I’ve got a set goal to catch up with. now I see Coke and am like *what is this?!* it hasn't been easy ooh I must say but it's worth it, 😁. Coaches have been wonderful even when I feel week I force myself to carry on thanks to the motivation from the other ladies in my team..!

I've tried to lose the weight on and off but I'd lose maybe 1kg and gain 2kg.. I already knew that what was missing for me was motivation. It was very difficult to try to lose weight on my own and motivation is exactly what I got from April Laugh. The threat of eviction is the beginning of wisdom😂😂 Jokes aside though, the ladies are fantastic, coaches really do coach and motivate. I'm so proud of myself 😁😁 I knew I had lost some weight but actually seeing the before and after pictures side by side? Wow. I'm glad I joined...

I met April through my sister. I watched her throughout her journey with April and I was shocked at how much weight she lost. I decided to contact April for the January 2018 slot. My journey with April has been a life changing experience. To think that I eat 3 square meals and snacks in between and still shed weight is a miracle. I have tried so many things to shed weight and I end up gaining double the weight I lost. Thank you to the amazing ladies in my group, you all inspire me. Thank you April for making me realize the right way to eat and workout. This is definitely an amazing lifestyle I intend to maintain forever!

"I cannot forget my AL Warriors support group, from all the fitness motivators to the each and every lady in there reaching their goals one workout at a time. You can't help but want to achieve your goals also. I'm proud of myself with what I've been able to achieve and thank God for April Laugh Fitness. I've got to give a shout out to you Coach!! I thought you'd be one of those people that were inaccessible, too high and mighty to talk to. But I was completely wrong!! You actually care and know what's going on with each and everyone of us and that makes the journey that bit more special. Would I recommend this program?! 1 Billion percent 👍"
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