Cookie Policy 

Effective date: 21st March, 2024

April Laugh Cookie Policy 

April Laugh Ltd (also referred to as “our” or “we”) is solely committed to protecting your (also referred to as “you”, “your” or “user”) privacy as a user of the website This policy explains what cookies are, the type of cookies that are used, and why they are used on the April Laugh website.

What is a cookie? 

When you visit a website on any device that is connected to the internet, the website will send a text file to your device. This text file is unique to you. It identifies the browser you are using, and stores the settings information on your device. Then on every subsequent visit back to that website, cookies are sent back to allow that website to recognise your device and display content that is relevant to you.

Why April Laugh Ltd uses cookies

We use cookies such as HTML5, HTTP, JavaScript and other similar technologies for the following reasons:

(i) to improve user experiences to the April Laugh website.

(ii) to tailor content that is relevant to the interests of our users.

The types of cookies used

Strictly Necessary Cookies 

These cookies are used to collect authentication data and session ID and are required in order to make the website work correctly whilst you are using it. This means that you can freely move around, and take full advantage of all the features and services provided. Every time you visit the April Laugh website, you will be assigned a unique identifier string. This is a session cookie. They immediately expire once you terminate your visit to the website and are never stored permanently.

However, if you do choose to disable these cookies, you will render some of the services and features unavailable, which will give you a sub-standard experience of our website.

We provide direct connections with third-party social media networks, to enable you to share and like content that is on our website. Third-party widgets and plug-ins are used to enable you to share information, and as such, a third-party may place cookies on your device, to enable tracking of your activity whilst using this website. This will provide them with information about your visit, and periodically, you will be presented with April Laugh advertisements for our services and products, when you visit other websites that support advertising. For more information about how these third parties use cookies, please refer to the individual third-party policy for further information: 

Name: Facebook 

Name: Instagram

Name: Twitter


Disabling or removing cookies

You can disable cookies through your browser. Each browser has different ways of deleting or restricting cookies. More information on managing browser cookies can be found by visiting the browser links below:

Internet Explorer (

Firefox (

Google Chrome (

Safari (

Other data that is collected

When you use the April Laugh website, we receive your IP (Internet Protocol) address which gives us information about your operating system and browser. We may also collect data to ascertain your geographical location. This is so that we can notify, or present you with content that is specific to your location, which you may find helpful. We also use software to analyse site usage and track customer traffic patterns. We use this information to enable us to make improvements to the design, and navigational layout, of the April Laugh website. This will significantly improve the overall user experience of the website over time. No personal data is captured whilst using this software.

Contact Us

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