Eat Your Way To A Six Pack

Yes you definitely read that right!!

I always say that Abs are made in the kitchen and it is one of my favorite and truest hashtags. While Abs can be made on the floor when crunching, the other place they can be made is in your kitchen.

What you eat will determine whether that layer of fat blocking your Abs will melt away or whether it will stay put. So ultimately, your Abs are waiting to be exposed when your feeding gets so good and you’re eating the right things.

While you need a combination of working out and eating right to lose weight, here are some edibles that will help you eat your way to a six pack.

  1. Drink lots of water; I can’t overemphasize the importance of water in losing weight. Water helps keep you fuller, thereby reducing the quantity you eat and thereby reducing your belly fat.
  2. Protein is your friend; your meals should contain lots of legumes, pulses, lean meats and protein when eating your way to a six pack.
  3. More Fiber; fruits and vegetables are another huge go to when you’re eating your way to a six pack. Make entire meals out of fruits or have it as a serving for snacks.
  4. Limit The Booze; alcohol can really dampen your efforts to lose weight so take it sparingly if at all.
  5. Eat Smaller Portions; this goes without saying but to lose weight, it is necessary to reduce your overall calorie intake. So reduce your portions and eat smaller than you usually.

So there you have it, to eat your way to a six pack, you need to drink more water, while eating smaller portions with protein and fiber and reducing or cutting out the booze entirely.

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