User Accountability Policy  

Last updated: 21st March 2024 

Welcome to April Laugh’s User Accountability Policy! We hold participants accountable during the fitness programme. The purpose of the group is to guide, encourage and motivate participants to reach their fitness goals. You must regularly report to your accountability group as set out in this policy.” 

  2. This User Accountability Policy is incorporated into and forms part of your contract with us. You should read this policy carefully to ensure you are able to comply. We may update this policy from time to time to maximise the effectiveness of our programme. If we do, we will notify you of the changes. 
  3. Failure to follow this policy may lead to your suspension or eviction from the accountability group. If you are suspended or evicted from the accountability group, you will continue to have access to the meal plan and the online workout plan. We shall not issue any refunds or credit notes for any accountability group evictions or suspensions. 
  4. Please also read our Fitness Programme Terms of Subscription to understand your and our legal rights and responsibility when you subscribe to our fitness programme. A copy of our terms of subscription is available to view from our website.
  6. Accountability. You must update your accountability group leader as soon as possible if you are unable to meet the minimum weekly workout or nutritional requirements of the programme. You must offer a valid reason for your inability to comply with the programme requirements such as injury or illness.
  7. Accountability partner. You must select and maintain at least one accountability partner throughout the duration of the programme. You must regularly check in on your accountability partner to provide encouragement and monitor their fitness progress.
  8. Weekly goal setting. You must, at the start of each week, set and share your realistic personal fitness goals with your accountability group.
  9. Weekly food preparation. You must, by Sunday each week, plan and prepare your meals in advance of the week ahead. You must share your meal preparations with your accountability group. You must not ‘diet’ but understand that healthy eating is a permanent lifestyle choice.
  10. Workouts. You must complete a mandatory minimum of four workout sessions each week from either your April Laugh workout plan or your own independent workouts. You must report your workout sessions to your accountability group by sending a sweaty selfie to the accountability group at the end of each session. 
  11. Community. You agree to share and support others in your accountability group including sharing your progress pictures, helping others achieve their goals and asking for support when you are struggling.  
  12. Weigh-ins. You must complete fortnightly weigh-ins to monitor the progress of your fitness journey. You must share photos of your weigh-in results with your accountability group. Fortnightly weigh-in photos are normally required Saturday mornings before 9am. 
  13. Additional requirements. You agree to follow any additional reasonable instructions issued by your accountability group lead from time to time because it is for your own good.
  14. Your personal goals:  

I will lose………………………..  


I will take control of my …….. …………………….. …………………….(cravings, cholesterol, diabetes, etc)  


I will feel……………………… …………………….. ………(more energetic, sexier, happier, and more alive.)  


I will achieve my goal by …………………………….(month/day/year)  


“Notwithstanding that we operate as a group, it is imperative that you bear in mind that this is your personal journey. So, expect the most from yourself because you are capable, and enjoy every bit of it. Good luck as you crush your goals!” – April Laugh 

Congratulations from the April Laugh Team!