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Quick workout tips for the busy fitfam

I get it, you really want to lose weight but you are busy and just can’t find the time to work out. From responsibilities at work to family matters and social obligations, twenty-four hours isn’t enough. You would love to work out but you don’t have the time. While the reasons not to work out


Which is more effective, weights or cardio?

This is definitely one of the oldest and most passionate debates among fitness experts and just about everyone who is losing weight or has lost weight. People have different theories about using these techniques to lose weight, from saying you need to have intense cardio sessions to lose weight before you start weight training, to


LOVE IN A BOWL – Brown Rice, Chicken Curry & Vegetables

LOVE IN A BOWL – Brown Rice, Chicken Curry & Vegetables ?  ? I love love making currys and chicken curry is one of my favourites. You can eat it with anything for lunch or dinner! I made this for my last meal prep and we all enjoyed it as a family. Please reduce ingredients to suit