Fitness For The Family

 There is a certain special energy that comes with working in collectives. The way everyone feeds off and encourages each other, the way all wins are celebrated and all losses are mourned, it’s truly something special.


That’s why today we’ll be talking about getting your family into fitness. Waking up in the morning and preparing to begin working out can be a rewarding but lonely endeavour. Also, if you have been benefiting from working out, you’d want to share it with your family. 


We at April Laugh are all about sharing with others, so here are a few ways to get your family members on the fitness wagon. 

  • Create a schedule and be flexible: This is a great way to begin because once the family knows that a particular time has been allotted to fitness, they are most likely to follow through. It can be a quick 30 minutes on the weekend when everyone is free. Also, learn to be flexible with the time. If a conflict comes up, reschedule instead of cancelling. 


  • Let everyone pick an activity: Sometimes, these days can get repetitive so you can let everyone pick the fitness activity for different days. This gives everyone what to look forward to and they can get creative with the different things you can do to keep fit. 


  • Sign up for our monthly fitness sessions: This is always a superb idea as our sessions come packed with a variety of activities and a community for your family. It’s also a great fit for those who have family in different cities, you can all join our sessions and then monitor your progress together. 


  • Create a reward system: This can be as little as gold stars for the young family members or subscriptions and gadgets for the older ones. This gives everyone something to aspire to as they keep fit. 


Fitness ideas for your family are limitless. You can create a deck of fitness cards where you all have to do whatever activities the card picked says; you can go on bike rides, hikes with a healthy picnic at the end, and a lot of other activities. 


In one of our recent newsletters, we shared how fitness can serve as bonding for couples, the same thing applies to families. You get to spend more time with each other, learn more about each other, make memories and also cultivate a healthy lifestyle. A win on all sides, if you ask me. 


I’m looking forward to all of you implementing these ideas in your families and creating traditions that’ll last a lifetime. 

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