Christmas Gift Ideas For Fitness Lovers

The Christmas holidays are here again, and you know that means it’s time to gift your family, friends, colleagues if you like them of course lol, your team if you run a business, and the list goes on and on. Not only is it a time to give gifts, but you should also do your best to give gifts that the receiver would enjoy, including your pals who love their fitness!

Now, we all know that it’s also such a busy time, so I thought I’d help you have one less thing to worry about, by giving you a bunch of Christmas gift ideas for fitness lovers you want to gift this season.

But first, I don’t want to bore you, so feel free to skip to your preferred part of this Christmas gift ideas guide for fitness enthusiasts.

  • How To know What Gift A Fitness Enthusiast Would Like
  • What Kinds Of Gifts To Get A Fitness Enthusiast For Christmas
  • Christmas Gift Ideas From The Aprillaugh Shop


Christmas Gift Ideas For Fitness Lovers

How To Know What Gift A Fitness Enthusiast Would Like

Life is in stages, and for fitness enthusiasts, it’s no different. A fitness enthusiast just starting out, one that’s focusing on losing weight, another that prefers to work out at home, and yet one who is focused on clean eating; will all have different needs. When you think about it that way, it means they’re likely to prefer different kinds of gifts; gifts that they need more in whatever stage of their fitness they’re in.

To make this clearer, think about how the needs of a child are different from that of an adult, and that of a pregnant woman too; then apply this thinking to why fitness enthusiasts at different stages of their journeys, would have different needs.

For the fitness enthusiast trying to lose weight, they might appreciate a few subscriptions; gym or online fitness memberships. They might also appreciate new gadgets they don’t already have like a fitness watch, or some new workout clothes, or even actual workout equipment.

The fitness enthusiast who is working on their nutrition, might prefer to get their hands on a cookbook, a meal plan, or a weighing scale to help them eat the right proportions, and get the exact macronutrients they’re looking to get.



What Kinds Of Gifts To Get A Fitness Enthusiast For Christmas

Now for the good stuff, what kind of Christmas gifts can I get a fitness enthusiast for the holidays? Let’s look at them and help you make your Christmas shopping easier, and faster; you’re welcome!

In no particular order, this is a list of the Christmas gift ideas to help you gift a fitness enthusiast during this holiday;


Subscription gifts help fitness enthusiasts get memberships, coaching, and a community that shares the same goals with them. Subscription gifts range from online gym memberships, to healthy cooking classes, and one-on-one coaching.

Wondering where to start? Check out some of the subscriptions available on the Aprillaugh here.

Measuring Tools

A very important tool fitness enthusiasts need are tools that help them measure their efforts. From scales to measure calorie content or weight, to watches that measure their heart rates, and calorie burns, and to water bottles that help them measure their water intake. 

Measuring tools are a must-have for a fitness enthusiasts, so it’s a gift they will love, and thank you for. 

Guess what? You’re in luck because there are a bunch of measuring tools that’ll be perfect for the fitness enthusiast in your life, and you can grab them here.

Fitness Gear

These also make the perfect gift because can anyone really have too much fitness gear? The gear includes workout clothes, and fitness equipment, so they can’t really have too much of it clearly. 

From getting them a different kind, to those in a different color, you can’t run out of what to get for them under this category, trust me. 

Start here for the perfect gear to gift any fitness lover this holiday season.  Also, we’re having an end-of-year and Christmas sale, so this is the best time to get shop!

Christmas Gift Ideas From The Aprillaugh Shop

Finally, we’re at the best part; I curated the ultimate fitness enthusiast Christmas gift list for you. It gets even better because I also included the direct purchase links so you can get them right away. Skip the long queues, and don’t bother searching a thousand sites before you shop for the best Christmas gifts for a fitness enthusiast.

I took it a step further by grouping them into their various classes, so it can make your search easier. When I tell you I got you, I got you.

Let’s get into it;

Subscriptions Gift Ideas

  • Work Out With April Membership; this online gym membership is the perfect gift for anyone looking to lose weight and work out with a community of like-minded people, but in the comfort and privacy of their home. Get it here. 
  • New Moms Snapback; this program is perfect for any new moms you have around you whether it’s your wife, sister, or bestie. It’s the best gift to boost her confidence and get her that pre-baby body back. Get it here.
  • New Year Bootcamp; this program is the best gift for anyone starting their fitness and weightloss in 2022. From workouts, to meals, you name it, it’s in this program, and it’s for 12 weeks. If you want to help anybody transform their body in 2022, this is the perfect gift for them. Get it here.
  • 12 Week Workout Program; these pre-recorded workout sessions are doubly great because they’ll help the fitness enthusiast lose weight and get fit, plus they’re really affordable. So don’t go without snatching one for a special person here.

Fitness Bundle Gift Ideas 

  • The Active Woman Bundle; if your wife, sister, or bestie loves the outdoors, then this bundle is the best gift you can get for her. A collection of items that’ll make her outdoor or active lifestyle easier. Get it here now.
  • The Badass Woman Bundle; this is the ultimate gift for a newbie to their fitness journey because it has everything they could possibly need for their fitness journey. So grab it here, and help them do fitness successfully.
  • The Modern Woman Bundle; if you know any fitness enthusiast that just wants to get their nutrition right, then you should gift them this bundle to set them up for success. Get it here.

Measuring Fitness Gift Ideas

  • Meal Prep Plate Set; this meal prep set will help any fitness enthusiast hit their calorie goals by ensuring they eat within a calorie limit, and always have healthy food waiting for them. Get it here.
  • Aprillaugh 1-Gallon Water bottle; this bottle is for everyone who is serious about hitting their water drinking goal. So help them hit it by purchasing the bottle. Get it here.
  • Digital Kitchen Scale; Whether they’re practicing portion control, or trying to measure macros, this digital kitchen scale is a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. Get it here.
  • Bathroom Scale; this scale is essential for anyone losing weight, to help them keep track of how they’re losing weight, their body fat percentage, and other essentials. Any fitness lover will thank you for this. Get it here.
  • April Laugh Fitness Watch; I don’t know what’s more essential than a fitness watch for a fitness enthusiast. So get one for every fitness enthusiast, or even different colors for them, so it matches with their outfits. Get it here.

Fitness Gear Ideas

  • Workout Clothing; This particular gift is a no-brainer, as I’m not sure anyone can have too many workout clothes. So whether they’re just starting out, or are the fittest people you know, fitness clothes will always be in season. Get them here.
  •  Jump Rope; jump ropes are one of the most diverse piece of workout equipment because anyone can use them anywhere! Plus they help you burn so many calories. So get one for your fitness buddy here.
  • Earphones; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t prefer to listen to music while working out, and an earphone that just hangs on your ears and doesn’t need constant readjusting is a winner. Get it here.

So there you have it! Your ultimate Christmas gift ideas guide for everyone who wants to get a gift for a fitness enthusiast in their life.

Also, share this with anyone who needs it including the fitness enthusiasts themselves, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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