Which is more effective, weights or cardio?

This is definitely one of the oldest and most passionate debates among fitness experts and just about everyone who is losing weight or has lost weight. People have different theories about using these techniques to lose weight, from saying you need to have intense cardio sessions to lose weight before you start weight training, to other myths about losing weight with cardio or weight training.

Well, I am here to bust the myths and help you create the best mix of workouts to help you lose weight. To start off, instead of being too hung up about which exercise method works best, why not just start? Start walking, running, skipping or doing any movement you love, because whether it’s cardio or weight training, you’re caring for your health.

That brings me to my next point, which is that in exercise, it’s less about following rules, but more about doing what you enjoy. If you don’t love running, and it makes you feel sick, then where’s the joy in doing that just because you think cardio will help you lose weight faster. A better strategy is definitely to do what you already enjoy so it’s easier for you to do.

So now to the heart of the matter, which method is more effective? Weight training or cardio? The answer is not really as simple as yes or no. It’s more about a look at techniques and the separate benefits of each kind of exercise. Cardio is really any activity that aims to increase your heart rate and keep it elevated during a particular activity, while weight training works on your muscles to develop them.

Both cardio and weight training burn calories and over time can help people meet their fitness and health goals but they work a little bit differently. For cardio, the aim is to increase the heart rate fast, and keep it that way until the activity ends, so this burns a lot of calories of course. However, for weight training, the goal is to keep the heart rate and at a steady fat-burning pace, which is maintained during the workout, and continues till long after the session ends.

That said, the best weight loss technique combines both methods, for optimum results. So you can start off with cardio as a way to get the blood pumping and flowing through your veins, and then lift up some weights to finish off. Asides that, while cardio may help you lose weight quickly, you need weight training to help you tone and define your muscles.

A quick look at both techniques, shows that you need both methods for a balanced and effective weight loss regimen. So to answer your question, both methods are effective at helping you lose weight because it’s also about consistency. Secondly, to have lasting results, your technique should combine cardio and weight training.