April’s Exclusive Smart Mummy Program (1 Year)

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Are you presently pregnant? You just had a new baby? This new program encompasses your journey during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. I have been there and I know how essential it is to have someone support you, give you expert advice while also keeping you accountable. This new program is a gift from me to all mums who were cheering me on during my pregnancies and postpartum. It truly takes a village and welcome to my smart village. What does the program include? 

  • Pregnancy Support – Answering all your pregnancy-related questions 
  • Breastfeeding meal plan to boost your milk supply and also help you to lose weight while breastfeeding.
  • Postpartum Support – how to lose weight after baby, what workouts to shrink your mummy-tummy, and answering all your postpartum related questions.
  • Sleep routine templates for baby to sleep through the night – 6 weeks – 6months
  • What Flo’ Eats – A Healthy Baby Weaning Plan 
  • Monthly Facebook Live videos so you can ask me direct questions.
  • Access to April’s Smart Mummy Club (Private Facebook Group)

* There’s also an option of booking a 30 Min call to speak to me if you need more support.




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