New Moms Snapback Program


“I’m actually very surprised I could do this. 6.5kg in a month whilst eating what I actually love to eat and also exercising wooow it’s really amazing. I’ve seen tremendous change. I always make sure I show up with the support and encouragement of our coach Tuts and all the ladies on this group. It’s not being easy, as I am a mom of 4, but I always tell myself to take it one day at a time. I had to make a lot of adjustments just to get to exercise, and it’s been worth it. I now have a waist 😂 and my clothes fits better. Eat right, exercise, drink water, follow all the rules and watch you shrink 💪🏾🔥😀”

Are you a new mom? If you’re looking to get that pre-pregnancy body back, increase your fitness levels and boost your confidence, our New Moms Snapback Program is the perfect way to kickstart your new fitness journey. Get your body back with our unique fitness program designed exclusively for new and breastfeeding mothers.

Made for New Mothers

Our New Moms Snapback Program has been designed for nursing women, just like you. The 12-week plan covers a variety of different elements that are achievable, even for time-starved and fatigued moms that are getting to grips with a new baby in the household. Here’s what’s included:


This signature program helps you to get fit so you can lose your baby weight naturally, without piling on the pressure. You’ll receive a 12-week challenge workflow, as well as a 12-week pre-recorded workout program, focusing on those areas of the body that need the most attention following the birth of a baby.

Healthy Eating

Snapping back into good shape involves focusing on fitness as well as healthy eating, and if you’re breastfeeding your baby, it’s especially important that both you and your baby are getting the right nutrients at this crucial time. This unique program provides a useful breastfeeding-friendly meal plan, covering 12 weeks, as well as handy shopping lists and recipes to make it easier to make healthy choices when visiting the supermarket.

Progress Monitoring

To help you keep your progress on track, the program includes compulsory bi-weekly weigh-ins and reviews, so you can congratulate yourself on your achievements! To make it easier to keep to the program, we also offer compulsory accountability on our Facebook Group, giving you the opportunity to choose an accountability partner and meet other new moms.

Advice and Support

To help encourage and motivate you to stick to the plan, we provide plenty of expert advice and support, as well as useful tips and tricks, whenever you need it. The program has been designed to be simple to follow and enjoyable, and includes a variety of fun weekly challenges to make reaching your goals that bit easier!

Sign up for the New Moms Snapback Program today, and get back to your pre-baby shape in just a matter of weeks!

New Moms Snapback Program