April Laugh Fitness Watch


The April Laugh Fitness Smart Watch is our latest obsession! It’s so beautiful and does everything!!! It makes living a healthy lifestyle a PRIORITY- As it should be! 🎉

The April Laugh Fitness Smart Watch:

Tracks your blood pressure!

Tracks your heart rate accurately!

Monitors your sleep!

Tracks your daily steps!

Tracks your calories per workout.💪🏾

Reminds you to workout ❗️

Reminds you to drink water!!! 🙌🏾

Phone & social media notifications!

Daily alarm clock!

GPS Tracker!

Tracks your ovulation & monthly cycle!

You can also order outside of the UK/USA/Canada,  just send an email to info@aprillaugh.co.uk or send a DM to @FitMrsFats on Instagram!

Get one for yourself, and gift one to a friend or family. It’s the best wellness gift! 😊🎉

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Baby Pink, Black, White