Weightloss Tips For The Holidays

Merry Christmas ladies!!! Okay, I know it’s not quite Christmas but I’m one of them, the people who get so excited about Christmas.

Well the holidays are here again and that means more family around, more outings, more dinners and even more happiness (let’s put this for those who say they gained happy weight šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰)

Alright, I know it may be quite the task to keep going on your weightloss journey when everyone around you seems to be eating all the yummy snacks and having fun, but, I also know you can do it with a bit of discipline and ok, a few cheat days (but remember not to go overboard).

So because as your coach I’m looking out for you, I decided to share some tips which I believe will help you keep at your goals this holiday.

Thank me later šŸ¤—šŸ¤—


1) Make it a family fun affair; it’s probably going to be hard if you’re the only one waking up to workout or trying to add more veggies into the meals but if you can turn it into a family affair, boom!! You have more supporters and you won’t feel alone.

You can make fun challenges with gifts attached for the winners it at least bragging rights. Try to do fun activities like dancing swimming which won’t look like workout but are burning the calories.

2) Have a say in the cooking; yes ladies, you heard me right! If you’re not involved in the buying or cooking process, then you won’t be able to decide what kind of food gets eaten.

So take some time from your busy schedule and help make the groceries list, or offer to shop for the food and then stock up on vegetables and fruits.

3) Make healthy snacks; a little later in the month, I’ll be sharing the recipe for some healthy and yummy snacks but in the meantime ladies, get creative!!

Look for a way to add vegetables and fruits into the diet. Infuse the drinks with ginger and fruits, make chips out of apple and pineapple slices, include a fruit bowl of delicious fruits but by all means, make sure you and your family are snacking on healthy food.

4) Portion Control; this is super important for weightloss and is a tip that shouldn’t be thrown out anytime soon.

Try to make sure that the table is set with smaller plates and bring out all your measuring equipment to ensure that the right portions are cooked and served.

Remember ladies, it’s okay to say no thank you, I’m full.

5) Watch the liquids; this one is particularly important. A lot of times we can get carried away drinking pack after pack of refined juice or glass after glass of wine.

Try to make sure you turn out the drinks into a cup and return the bottle or pack back to the fridge, to avoid the temptation of just pouring and drinking each cup after the other.

There you have it ladies, I hope these tips help you as you plan towards having a beautiful holiday with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas in advance!!


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