Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast

It is literally just 11 days to Christmas and I can’t absolutely keep calm 😁😁. I am actually still getting all my gifts ready and thought I should share this last minute gift ideas with you guys.

So since it’s the gift giving season again and some of you are thinking of what to get for yourselves, for your loved one or to motivate someone you know to live healthy, look no further. I compiled a list of 6 items that will make any fitness enthusiast very happy.

1) Apple Watch: the new Apple watch is beautiful, sleek and very efficient in counting steps taken, calories lost and distance travelled. It is the perfect gift to give a fitness enthusiast.

They will love it’s beauty and appreciate the information.

2) Massage Session: there’s nothing better than being treated to a nice and soothing massage after an intense gym session.

Send a spa card as a gift and thank me later 😉.

3) Jumprope: I personally think Jumprope are the single most effective workout equipment.

These new Jumprope with a calculator for calories lost and number of jumps are the perfect gift for any member of the #fitfam community.

4) Foam Roller: if you lift weights at the gym then you can relate, when I talk about the knots that are formed in your joints as a result.

These self massaging equipment are a must have for every gym bag and the receiver will thank you for it.

All they need to do is spread and roll.

5) Phone Pouch: when I’m running, all I want is a collection of my favorite music blaring in my ears and I don’t want to have to hold my phone on my hands.

This phone pouch fits perfectly on the upper arm and is useful to hold the phone for safety and also for those whose Fitbit is on their phone.

Talk about a multipurpose gift right?

6) Gym Bag: towels, foam roller, water bottle, shoes, socks and gear are just some of the things we need to carry to the gym. It can be a hassle and draining  looking for them every morning, so why not help a fitness enthusiast be more organized with a gym bag.

It’ll make the perfect gift to carry all their supplies and make sure they don’t forget  anything.

In other news ladies, who is done with shopping and wrapping? Have you gotten everything you planned to buy?


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