Monthly Challenge: Running From 2018

Wow!! It’s really amazing to think that we’ve had a whole year go by already. I remember how long a year used to be be when I was younger, but these days, time seems to be moving so fast which only serves as a reminder to take care of the things we can, while we can.

This month, were taking care of our health while we can. I know it’s the holidays and a lot of people are already carried away with all the excitement and parties but remember that if you can end the year strong, you’re more likely to begin the new year stronger.

Our challenge this month is “Running.” I personally passionate about running as an individual, it’s not just a physical thing but a mental thing for me. Running literally makes you feel like you’re leaving the stress, aches and pain behind. It gives you a sort of release both physically and emotionally. It’s almost as though you’re running away from whatever was holding you back.


So whether for physical or emotional reasons, running is a great exercise.

Below are a few of the other benefits associated with running;

1) Strengthens The Lungs;

Runners have an increased lung capacity because each time they run mile after mile, their lungs are further developed to handle the new levels of air being received and expelled.


2) Prevents High Blood Pressure;

While running, the arteries expand and contract which helps to keep them fit and reduces stiffness.

3) Weightloss;

This one is quite obvious but I’ll say it nonetheless. Running is a great buddy for weightloss. It burns calories at an alarming rate and builds strong muscles in your legs too.

4) Stress Reliever;

Running is a great stress reliever because it literally gives you a feeling of having a release as you mentally picture yourself running away from what you don’t want.

5) Increased Bone Density;

Since essential bone growth minerals are released to the bone when they are out under stress, regular running strengthens your honesty as it causes those minerals to be released from time to time. We don’t pray for such situations but if you ever have to jump, well your bones will be better able to withstand the pressure.

With that said, here a few tips to help you run away from 2018;

1) A good pair of running shoes; I can’t even overstate this. A good pair of running shoes will protect you from injuries and cushion your feet.

2) Water; it’s not even a joke, people actually faint from dehydration and I’d you’re running, you’ll need more water so please remember to take a bottle along with you and stay hydrated.

3) Good Music; call me an adrenaline junkie but there’s nothing better than running and hearing the music pulsating through your ears and your whole body.

4) A Good Sports Bra; as with all workouts, good gear is important but I daresay it’s so much more important in running because you don’t want your chest heaving and bouncing more than necessary.


There you have it ladies, your guide for Running Away From 2018.

Share with me below, what other tips you have for running or if you enjoy it at all.


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