The Ever Aspiring Fitfam Person

So the ever aspiring Naija fitfam person is the person whose fitfam goals always make it to their new year resolutions, but never quite make it to the end of the first quarter.

They be like, “seriously, this is the year, I am losing these ten pounds and joining a gym.”

They are our friends who follow all the fitness pages on Instagram and have the dopest Nike shoes and neon workout clothes, but never get around to using them.

They know the latest squat techniques and healthy food tricks, but somehow still suggest a box of Domino’s Pizza and a bottle of coke when they go out to socialize.

These are the people we hear saying at Aunty Bisi’s party, “give me small jollof rice, you know I am on a diet,” only for us to see them eating way more than small, and if asked why, sorry if looked at questioningly, shrug and say, “my diet is actually starting on Monday, so I can eat this now.”

By now, we are used to their healthy resolutions, Monday diets and new gym clothes shopping.

If this is you, if you are the ever aspiring Naija fitfam person, stop it!

Old ways won’t unlock new doors so what do you do?

Out with the old, in with the new; throw away (goodness no! Not your gym clothes), all your ideologies about what it means to be a fitfam person and develop one that’s custom made for you.

To someone else, fitfam might mean a gym but to you, its long walks/slight jogs in the evening with Sia screaming in your ear.

To others its becoming a full vegetarian, but to you, it’s portion control and a few swaps like, granola bars instead of meat pie, roasted chicken instead of fried and vegetable sauce instead of stew.

Say No To Resolutions And Yes To Long term Goals; it’s as simple as choosing a lifestyle that has you still playing tennis at fifty instead of a crash diet to slay for Bimpe’s wedding in six weeks.

It involves creating a system over time that allows you wean yourself off the unhealthy habits and form new ones not take away your breath like some too tight waist trainers. It is saying no to quick fixes and yes to discipline.

Define Healthy For You; what is healthy to you? Size zero or being able to run with your toddler? Super skinny or toned legs, smooth skin and no bulge on the tummy?

Define your healthy and then move steadily towards it.

Being healthy is not a crash diet or quick fix but a journey into taking care of our overall body, mind and health, so that even when we are old and grey, we will be partying like its 99, 1999.

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