Making Healthy Resolutions

Happy New Year Ladies!!!!

I know the year is already ten days in, but I can’t help myself. I absolutely love the idea of a new year that gives us new opportunities to do our best and just get a great headstart, not to mention the psychological feelings.


So here we are at 2019 and I am sure a lot of you are writing down your resolutions and goals for the year.

As your favorite helpful coach, I decided, to give you a guide and some tips on how to write your new healthy goals, effectively.


1) Make them SMART ladies. If you’re a project management professional or read any book on goal setting, this is the first step in goal setting.

What are your goals? Are they specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound?

These are some of the criteria that ensure you can meet your goals.

I’ll give you an example ladies with my fictional friend Teni, who is a banker.

So let’s do a SMART goal setting for Teni.

Teni’s Goals;


– reach 65kg goal weight,

– maintain and tone abs.


– Lose 1kg weekly.


– Workout 5 times a week

– burn 900 calories per day

– cut out sugar and coke

– drink 4 ltrs of water daily


– Print out workout calendar and mark the days I workout

Time Bound:

– New body by July 2019 in time for my 5th wedding anniversary. Dinner dress here I come.

Does your goal setting look like this?

If not, you might want to tweak it, adding plans and a date.

2) Keep it simple: as a fitness coach who has trained thousands of people on this journey and has done it for over 5 years, i’ll tell you that one of the ways to not do anything at all, is to plan to do too much at once.

Keep it simple – drink more water – workout 3x a week – cut out coke and journal.

If you keep it simple, there’s a greater chance it will succeed instead of an information overload.

3) You need accountability: the truth is, if you don’t have someone checking you, you will probably not do the things you planned to. So it can be having me as your coach, asking you hubby,a friend with a similar goal or even an app, but make sure someone is checking you to make sure you do what you said you will do.

Those are my top tips ladies. I don’t want to boggle you with too much info at once so you can actually do it.

There you have it, tips to help you make healthy resolutions.

All the best ladies.


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