The Best Summer Foods For 2019

With food, we generally do opposites. When the weather is cold, we tend to do hot or warm meals to give us comfort but when the weather is hot, then we generally do cooler meals. Summer most times means fruit cups, smoothies, juice, Popsicle and of course our regular meals as well. Summer food should more importantly be fun and colorful.

However, due to how hot summer usually gets and the general needs of our bodies at that time, here are some of the kind of fruits and food you should make sure you’re getting enough of.

  1. Watermelons; during summer you definitely need more water and eating enough watermelons is one way to  get it. These fruits are packed with so much water and will help you eat your fluids. So ensure that you take your watermelons as fruit cups or even make a popsicle out of them. See a recipe here from
  2. Grilled Meals; summer is the time to get your grill on. Whip out your grills, clean them and get ready to start grilling. You can grill your fish, meats, veggies and cobs as well. Grilled food is fun and so tasty to.
  3. Smoothies; this season, you can’t go wrong with a cup of smoothie. The weather is hot and because some of us are touristing (not a word but you get it), smoothies are a great choice since they are cool and be consumed on the go. So enjoy the sun by mixing your fave fruits and making a thick, filling and tasty meal.

So those are my top summer type foods, enjoy!!!!


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