5 Tips For A Super Healthy Summer

So summer is here again and so many of you are taking family trips and even travelling solo, but no matter how or why or where you’re travelling to, these tips are sure to help you have a super healthy summer.

Most times when we are holidays, there is the temptation to always have that extra glass of wine, those extra bars of chocolates, and all the desserts we can lay our hands on.

Not to fret, I know you don’t want to hear the word summer, but trust me, these tips are guaranteed to help you stay on track without killing your summer vibe.

Here are your tips;

  • Plan an active vacation. You know what they say about planning to fail if you fail to plan. So if fitness and weightloss is still part of your goals even while on holiday, plan ahead to have a holiday involving hikes, group exercises, tourist tours and lots of walking. You will literally lose the weight without being conscious of it.
  • Drink lots of water. This is always NY top weightloss tip because water is life and you need it to actually be healthy. So get a water bottle which will also serve as weights while you walk around, and get to drinking your 8 glasses or more.
  • Eat in before you eat out. I said what I said, lol. When you go out to eat and you’re hungry, the chances that you’ll eat so much more than you usually do is like 10x higher. You’re very likely to fill up your plate especially if it’s a buffet and keep going back for more. However, eating a well portioned meal in your hotel before heading out, will have filled up your tummy at least half way and that you’ll eat less.
  • Walk around. Walk to the museum, walk to the pool, walk, walk, and keep walking. This way you’ll ensure that you’re getting in your daily 10,000 steps plus.
  • Drink slowly. If you’re going out with friends, chances are that you’ll have a few drinks, however, if your cup is always the first to get empty, then it’s more likely to get refilled. So savor your drinks and drink them slower, so that instead of 5 glasses, maybe you’ll do 3 and save those 300 calories. Of course, stay safe even as you drink.

Those are my top tips for having a healthy summer. I hope they help you plan and prepare and as always, remember to have fun!!

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