Making Fitness A Family Affair

So school’s out and summer is here!!!

This means having our kids home for those of us who are parents and just generally having more days to soak up the sun and have more fun, in short, live our best lives!!! Of course summer is several weeks long and we won’t be throwing away all our healthy resolutions and practices.

As a matter of fact, this is the best time to be the right role models for our families. To set the right examples for our kids and get our partners in on the fun as well. We have only a few weeks for summer, so please make it count!!

Now if you have kids or even teens and they don’t seem the least bit interested in pursuing fitness, fret no!! I have a few tips  to make sure that you’re able to share fitness with your family. So here’s how;

  1. Be a good role model; if you’re trying to set a standard and even you don’t follow the set standard, then you can’t get others to do the same either. So if you want your family to join you in eating well and working out, be sure to not miss your workouts, eat healthy food and basically just lead by example.
  2. Make it fun; don’t paint fitness or eating healthy as a boring must-do activity. Instead make it look interesting and fun. Ensure your meals are a tasty variety, ensure you are enjoying your workouts and living clean and healthy. Look out for fun activities like community walks, group yoga, and other activities that your family will enjoy and most importantly, will not look like work!
  3. Involve them; let your kids be a part of the process. Let them join you to cut up the veggies, join you on your walks or to the gym, eat your healthy food and be involved in your healthy lifestyle habits. If you drink water every morning, then pour some out for your family as well. Just make sure you’re carrying them along at all times.
  4. Tickle their tastebuds; please don’t make their food boring or not tasty enough. Everyone loves a tasty meal so be sure to make the food tasty. Explore recipes online, here on the blog and don’t be afraid to experiment. The chances of getting your family healthy is higher when they enjoy what they’re eating or doing
  5. Talk; at the end of the day, just make sure you’re communicating with them. Tell them why exercise is important, why eating healthy is good for them and how they can make it a part of their lives as well. Be open and sincere about the struggles but make sure they know it can be done.

Cheers to a healthy and happy Summer for everyone!!

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