Hosting Healthy Dinner

Ok, so we all love a great party and we all also know that,at the centre of every great party, is great food. I mean, if the food wasn’t good, did you even have fun?


I had a client who loved to host and attend dinners and she asked me, a bit saddened one day, how she was going to host her dinners with healthy food, since people didn’t want to eat her mashed potatoes and vegetables all night long.

I understood her pain as I love to have friends around too, so I decided to make this post as a guide for her and for all of you who love a good party too.

Healthy food isn’t all mash and sandwiches, so I’ll share a few recipes from around the web and how to incorporate them into your dinners.

Here you go ladies, enjoy!!

1) Salads: contrary to what you think, salads are actually elegant and can make a great side dish for your guests. Try to include a salad that is finely chopped, has great elements, like roast chicken, basil and a tasty dressing cream, but don’t mix in the cream, let your guests do that.

Here is a link for a recipe you can try at home


2) Soups: soups are as versatile and elegant as meals come. You can do healthy cabbage soup or other chicken and vegetable options. A guide here though is to add bite sized elements into the soup that allow chewing and reduce slurping.

Here’s a recipe you can try

3) Bread; I know someone is already screaming that it’s unhealthy but calm down 😊😊. You can have the healthy kind perhaps made from oatmeal flour or other such sources.

Try this bread recipe next time you host

4) Desserts; everyone loves a good dessert, so wow your guests with healthy dark chocolates and home made fudge that makes everyone want some to take home.

Try this recipe and thank me later..


So there you have it ladies. Enjoy hosting and hosting healthy dinners all through 2019.

Cheers to an amazing year for us all 🎉🎉


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