Benefits Of Detoxing

Hello Ladies!!!


So here I am once more to set the matter straight on this issue of detoxing.

I know it’s the beginning of the year and there’s so much information flying around about this and that, so sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming knowing what to listen to and what to ignore.

Anyways, you know I always have your back and will always share with you valuable information, and as such, here goes;

So detoxing is basically removing all the harmful and not so good stuff your body has accumulated all this while, especially,post festivities with all the attendant alcohol and sweets

Detoxifying ofters your body an opportunity to purge itself of those toxic and harmful elements and prepare it to begin receiving clean and healthy meals once again.


So is detox necessary? Well yes ladies, detox is a major part of your weightloss journey and I encourage you to try it out, especially because nits the new year and with all the food that got eaten during Christmas.

Another great benefit is that it’s actually a great booster for weightloss. Due to the consumption of more raw and fresh fruits and vegetables, it actually aids weightloss. I mean some people lose as much as 10lbs when they do the detox correctly.

So that said,  let me recap. Detox is great because;

1) It clears your system of all the toxic food consumed.

2) It prepares your body to begin eating the clean and healthy meals.

3) It promotes weightloss.

Trust me on this one ladies, detoxing is highly beneficial for you and I strongly recommend it especially as you’re beginning a new healthy year.


PS; don’t be scared. It’s just a period of increased intake of water, fruits and raw veggies

You will enjoy it though 😉

That said, you can get my detox guide to help you with it here

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