Getting The Right Workout Clothes

So my vain side is about to come out.

Hi ladies, I trust you have had a great January so far?

I also hope you’re getting your workouts in? 😎😎.

So while I know some people swear by plain black leggings and an old T shirt, I am out here trying to make a case for the dope gym clothes.

To be honest, there is a certain kick that comes from looking fabulous in your workout gear.

Picture it though with me, so you’re climbing the gym staircase (slowmo of course), with your new gym bra to keep the sisters comfy β˜‘οΈ, your new neon tank that accentuates your waist β˜‘οΈ, your matching leggings that are so comfy and beautifulβ˜‘οΈ, and your Nike trainers.

Now tell me that wasn’t a beautiful picture in your head? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tell me that wouldn’t make you want to go to the gym more, if only to flaunt the clothes.

But seriously ladies, aesthetics and vain behavior aside, workout gear makes you look and feel good and that boost is actually essential to helping you get in the frame of mind to workout.

When you put on your workout clothes, there’s a greater chance you will workout.

It also helps you prevent injury. Always make sure you’re wearing the proper footwear because you don’t want to land on your bare feet.

That said, here’s your workout gear checklist.

1) Bra Top; this is essential to keep the sisters well packaged. You don’t want them moving up and down as you jump.

2) Leggings; leggings are popular because of how comfortable they are and for good reason too. You need a stretchy material for all the jumps and lunges you will do.

3) Tank Tops; you can use shirts but I favor sleeveless tops because they allow you move freely. You really don’t want anything restricting you while you workout.

4) Canvas; well this is pretty obvious but I will state it again. You need to protect yourself from injury and this is one of the best ways to do that. Get canvas that are comfortable and cushioned.

5) Gloves; if you’re lifting at the gym ladies, you need a good pair of gloves to pad your arms and grip the bars better.

6) Socks; well because we don’t want your feet smelling.

7) Face Towel; you will sweat ladies. It will pour from you and you need something to mop it up as you work out. So please endeavor to get a cotton face towel.

Now over time,get two or three pairs of each item, determined by frequency of use or personal preference and there you have it, your gym wardrobe is complete.

Have fun shopping ladies!!

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