Eating Healthy On A Budget

So one of the most popular things say to me is that eating healthy is very expensive and it is actually mind boggling to me. I understand where most people are coming from because they’re simply trying to recreate the meals they see on Instagram and eat all this fancy things but all that isn’t necessarily what you must do to eat healthy.

Eating healthy is very possible and also very budget friendly. In the simplest form, eating healthy means that you’re including fresh veggies in your meals, eating a balanced diet and eating in the right proportion as well. So this means that if you’re using fresh veggies that can be grown in your home or bought in your local meals, it’s actually very affordable.

The trick is ensuring that you’re using fruits and vegetables around you and not trying to use too much exotic or imported meals. In essence, use what you have around you.

So now that we have established that healthy cooking is affordable, what next, where do you go from here? I have answers for you below:

  1. Meal prep: I am an avid supporter of meal preps not just because it ensures that you always have healthy food to eat but also that it makes cooking meals cheaper. I’ll explain don’t worry.

    When you meal prep, you’re able to buy food in reasonably medium sized quantity which in the first place allows you to request for discounts, and also allows you to batch cook so that you are able to evenly distribute the ingredients as you like.
  2. Buy local: as much as possible, use the local fruits and vegetables around you especially those in season as it allows you buy them fresher and at a very affordable price.
  3. Find cheaper alternatives: for most seemingly priced “healthy food” there are more available options. For example, instead of olive oil, you can use coconut oil and instead f the more expensive veggies, there are cheaper but suitable options that are equally as enjoyable.
  4. Eat Out Less: at first it may seem overwhelming when you’re making the switch to healthier eating/living and most times you may just want to eat out at healthy restaurants but doing that over time, may really add up and give you the impression that healthy food is too expensive.

    So try to cook more at home and save more money.

    I hope that all these tips help and if you really want to get a structured arrangement that will give you access to recipes, videos and so much more to guide you on how to cook healthy meals and eat them to lose weight, then register for my Eat Clean With April course here.

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