“2016, I decided that I was going to do something about my weight instead of calling myself OROBO all the time. I was so used to calling myself OROBO, just so people know that I’m aware of my weight, and they didn’t need to remind me about it talk about coping mechanism (Naijas and their “You’ve added oh!”) The search began for a weight loss coach because I knew I needed someone to be accountable to. I contacted a few, and they made me feel like I was part of a building project I lost hope mehn, and I decided to just embrace my fat self, after all, He prepares a table before me and I didn’t want to disobey God by not eating the varieties that he had blessed me with. One glorious day, I came across April, who is now my Big Sister I called her on the 2nd of Nov 2016, and she responded sharp sharp I was like ahhh (I was praying she wouldn’t so that I’ll convince myself that I tried. I’m sure God wasn’t having that, and was looking at me like)… When April spoke to me, I was like “Osheyy I’ll lose weight” until she started telling me things I had to let go. My apartment was stocked with amazing nonsense. I was heartbroken. I remember being quiet on the phone for like two minutes, and she had to ask if I’m serious about it and willing to do all of that. I was actually having chocolate and chilled coke at the time. We ended the convo with me telling her that I’ll start on the 15th Nov 2016 (I had to enjoy all those things before saying goodbye biko. I didn’t want to be a Yoruba demon with sudden heartbreak to good food jor) and then, she asked me to send my weight and all to her. FAM, I thought I was like eighty something until I climbed the scale and saw 95.1kg. I felt like an elephant and then, it occurred to me that I’ve been rolling all these while (in my head, I’ve been walking ehh). The first three weeks were very hard for me, and at the time, we had a WhatsApp group to motivate each other and check progress. She had this thing that puts the fear of God in you. The women on the group are AMAZING!!! These are mothers doing amazing jobs to be fit and me, I was complaining. No one told me to be serious, from burning 350 cal a day to burning over 1000cal. As the days went by, I felt good, and I started getting compliments, even though I couldn’t see nothing in the first four weeks. My clothes got bigger, and I stopped looking like a parachute . I look back at my pictures and I start to laugh ( Those of you that said “Damn, hot Mama” God has sha exposed you ohh. I was there looking like Rolling dollar aka Parachute, and you were busy praising me.) FROM LOOKING LIKE PUFF-PUFF WITH EXCESS YEAST TO ALUMINIUM PLATE OF SMALL CHOPS!”

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