Wow. I can’t believe my transformation myself. Been wanting to lose weight over the last 3 years but found it very difficult. I will eat right and exercise for a week and the following week zero. I came across April Laugh around March 2017 and started following her page on Instagram but thought to myself, I bet this is all fake!! (All these Photoshop people ?). I had my doubts but kept following. However, around May she did a live video which I happened to view live. The 1st thing I thought was oh so she is real. ?People asked questions and so did I and I was impressed by the response she gave. As soon as the video ended, I emailed her straight away and I got a response immediately. However, she was fully booked until July but I kept looking at all the transformation pictures she posted and thought to myself July can’t come any sooner for me. I was so eager to start. So came 1st of July, I started on this amazing journey. April is the most beautiful person inside and out. The amazing ladies on the group are totally out of this world. The support you get on this journey is absolutely phenomenal. We eat proper and great food and still lose weight. I remember my son saying ‘’mum you are not going to lose weight with all this food’’ but I said to him watch me shrink. LOL. So far this journey has been amazing and it’s exactly what I needed to be accountable. Just look at these pictures. Wow. I am amazed. Thank you coach you are one in a million. xxx

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