Tips For Using Music While Working Out

When working out, we are always looking for ways to improve pier performance and one sure way to do that is music. 


Music makes us feel different emotions, we all have songs that get us hyped and songs we put on when we are feeling sad, that’s why they are really important to our working out.


Matching your music to specific workouts keeps you pumped and focused while music you don’t like can throw you off balance. Imagine you’re jamming to an upbeat rock song and the next song that plays is a heartbreak ballad. That will make you stop, bring out your phone and skip the song. This ruins the rhythm of your workout because it interrupts your focus.


Music helps your workout performance in ways like:


  • Making you enjoy exercising more.
  • Increase your sprint speeds.
  • Elevate your mood while working out.
  • Making exercise seem easier by distracting you from the strain.

So, here are some tips to getting the most out of music when working out.


  • Get great headphones: This is the best investment you can make if you want to work out with music. You want one that is a good fit for your ears with great sound and possibly noise cancellation. A good pair of headphones can make your workout sessions, so pick wisely.


  • Create playlists: When you are making a workout playlist, focus on the song tempo and the kind of workout. For low-intensity activities, you don’t want songs that are too fast so you should curate a playlist with mid-tempo songs. For high-intensity activities like CrossFit you want your high tempo songs, so create a playlist for that. Now, you can switch between plays last as you switch between activities so you stay constantly motivated. 


  • Try workout playlists on music services: Streaming music services like Apple Music and Spotify have already curated workout playlists that you can check out.


Now you can hit the gym and workout. Just make sure your music isn’t too loud as it can cause hearing loss in the long run. Also, if you are going for a run, you want to be aware of your environment so keep the volume low so you hear what’s happening around you.


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