Tips For Working Out While Pregnant

Working out is important for all body types and there are always tailored programmes for whatever condition you are in, that’s why today we’ll be talking about working out while pregnant. 


If you are dedicated to your fitness journey and then get pregnant, you might begin to wonder how working out will change for you as your body changes. This is an important concern and don’t fret, exercising while pregnant is possible. You just need to modify your routine and we are here to guide you through it. So, here is a short guide about exercising during pregnancy.


Is it safe for me to exercise while I’m pregnant?

  • First, to know if it is safe for you to exercise during pregnancy, talk to your healthcare provider. That being said, for most pregnant women, it is safe and healthy for them to exercise. 


How much exercise do I need?

  • Healthy pregnant women need about two and a half hours of moderately intense activity every week. That means activity that’s enough to make you sweat and increase your heart rate. Remember, don’t overwork yourself.


  • You don’t have to do all two and a half hours at once, you can break it into 30-minute blocks or even 10 minutes, 3 times a day. Whatever works for you.

What do I gain from exercising while pregnant?

  • Physical activity while pregnant helps keep your mind and body healthy. It makes your heart and lungs strong, helps you gain the right amount of weight, helps ease the common pregnancy discomforts and even helps you sleep better.


What activities are safe while I’m pregnant?

  • If you are already exercising before you get pregnant, you can continue with many of the activities as long as you clear it first with your doctor. As the pregnancy progresses, you may need to ease up on some activities. 
  • You can take a brisk walk once a day. This doesn’t strain your joints and muscles and it’s a great way to start if you are new to exercise.
  • Swimming is also a great idea. The water supports the weight of your child in the belly and it can help ease lower back pain.
  • Riding a stationary bike is a good addition. It is safer than riding a regular bike and you can continue with it even as your belly grows. 


These are just a few tips for working out while pregnant. Remember to always ask your doctor before you begin as some conditions will not allow you to work out while pregnant. Also, don’t engage in any activity that has a lot of jerky bouncy movement that can cause you to fall, any sport where you may get hit on the belly or any high altitude activities.

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