Smoothies And Your Weightloss

DISCLAIMER: These are views of a smoothies obsessed Coach šŸ˜Š. Lol, but really what’s not to love about smoothies? They’re quick, easy, tasty and very filling.

I’m not saying you have to be obsessed will smoothies like me no! What I’m saying though is that smoothies are really helpful for you on your weightloss journey and I’ll run through the benefits in just another paragraph.

Another thing I love about smoothies is how just about everyone can enjoy them, so you don’t even need to prep different meals for your family.

So here are the benefits you enjoy with smoothies as you work on your weightloss goals.

  1. Smoothies help with detox: one thing you should do periodically is detox as you lose weight. Even when you eat really clean, you still need to detox your body and smoothies are the best way to do that.
  2. Smoothies are easy to prep: Meal prep is essential to weightloss because you’re not really able to prep a healthy meal or exercise portion control when you’re hungry. Having a smoothie in the morning is just as simple as blending your fruits together and drinking them.
  3. Smoothies ensure that you get your required daily fruit and veggies: To be honest, most of us are by no means eating the appropriate quantity of fruits we should eat so it’s necessary to find ways to increase this for our own benefit.
  4. Smoothies offer variety: with so many options to choose from and even turning your smoothies into smoothie bowls with various toppings, it will literally never be a boring breakfast or snack.

Ready to get started on your smoothie journey? Click here to enjoy some of my favourite smoothies and recipes. Enjoy!