Christmas Gifts For A #Fitgirl

It’s Christmas again ladies and I’m so excited to unveil a new holiday gift guide for all my #fitgirls. So I know that most times, we do our Christmas shopping and shop for everyone but ourselves. We can easily forget to spare some money and get a gift for ourselves or sometimes we’re even at a loss on what to get ourselves. So this list is the ultimate guide whether you’re shopping for yourself or gifting another #fitgirl. These gifts are affordable and practical plus they’ll set you up for your fittest new year yet!

Smoothie Makers: these are perfect to maintain great health and save time for all the #fitgirls around. These compact, automatic smoothie makers are built to work anytime and anywhere.

All you need to do is chop up a few fruits and set it to blend them up and your delicious smoothie is served 🥤🥤

Get this gift for the #fitgirl who loves smoothies and is looking to eat better in 2020.

Headphones: if you’re like me and you love to work out to music pumping in your ears and matching your heart beat, then you need to get yourself or that #fitgirl, a headphone.

Music makes everything better including a workout so get your favorite songs on that playlist and start sweating it out!

Sports Bra: well you can’t have too many sports bras can you? Look! Sports bras are a life saver for #fitgirls. They’re cute, they make you comfy and they’re actually necessary to hold your girls firmly while you jump those ropes or run those miles.

So whether the old one is slacking or you need a new color, these are the best gifts for your girls this holiday season and beyond!

Water bottles: these are one of the most practical and useful gifts you can give to any #fitgirl. Water drinking is one of the single biggest factors in health improvement and weightloss, so it’s super important.

Of course since water in itself is tasteless, a cute water bottle makes you get thirsty easier. So get a new bottle for yourself or your friend and cheers to many more drinks!

Yoga Mats: These are an essential for every home gym and #fitgirl. There are so many exercises where you need to get on the floor and engage your muscles for a while so you need to be on a comfortable surface like a padded mat to avoid injuries.

Get this for the #fitgirl in your life who prefers to work out at home instead of at the gym.