Simple And Easy Pre-Workout Snack Ideas

For most people, workouts are done as the first thing in the morning before any meal is eaten, and in the evening long after lunch and before dinner. However, it can be quite difficult to concentrate on the exercise and even have any energy to do any kind of lifting, when you areΒ  hungry.

There is a general agreement though that eating a full meal right before a workout can also have the negative effect of feeling too full to actually workout. As such, the question becomes how can I eat light before a workout, so that I can have enough energy but at the same time, not feel too full?

The answer is pre-workout snacks πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. These snacks are usually packed with healthy fats and proteins so that they provide energy but do not in any way, hinder you from exercising, due to the “full” feeling that a complete meal causes.

I have compiled a few options for pre-workout snacks, these are basically grab and go options, which will fuel you with energy for your next workout and take less time.


1) Banana And Peanut Butter 🍌; so for the banana lover like myself, this is good news right? Just grab a banana, dice it and dip into a tea spoon of peanut butter, ta da, your snacks are ready.

2) Apples and Peanut Butter 🍎; if you feel the banana might be too thick and not just your flavour, make it lighter with apples and peanut butter. Pick up one apple, slice it up and dip into a teaspoon worth of peanut butter.

3) Avocado Toast πŸ₯‘; this is one of the easiest and yummiest snacks as well. Grab a slice of toast and half an avocado for this. Mash the avocado in a bowl, spread it on the toast and enjoy.

4) Boiled Eggs πŸ₯š; super quick and easy to make, plus very few calories. Just grab an egg, boil it and enjoy before your morning run.

5) Smoothies πŸ₯€; this is a yummy choice if you’re looking for a pre-workout snack. You can do a mix of one or two fruits, blend it together and enjoy. This will keep you full and provide you the energy you need to put in the work.

Well, those are some of my favorite pre-workout snacks for you to try.

Let me know which ones you have tried and if you even eat before a workout πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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