Reasons You Should Be Eating More Fish

I know some of you already turned your noses when you read fish 🤣🤣, but please hear me out.

Fish is good for you, I could end it there, but there’s no fun in that is there?

I’ll be sharing with you how and why you should increase your daily intake of fish especially if you have no dietary restrictions.

So let’s get into the fishy details shall we?

1) It’s a great source of proteins. I know you already know that but let me reiterate it. Fish can take your meal prepping to another level since you can make whole healthy meals out of it.

2) Fish has omega-3 fats which are by far the best fats and are great for brain development and maintenance.

3)It is packed with vitamins. Fish are a great source of vitamin D which promotes bodily growth and is vital for pregnant woman.

4) It lowers the risk of strokes and heart attacks since it has good fats.

So as fishy as it may sound, fish is good for you ladies.

Pro tip; if you don’t like the smell of fish or like it fresh, try to grill it with spices and lime.

So ladies, what new thing did you learn about fish consumption?

2 thoughts on “Reasons You Should Be Eating More Fish”

  1. Very insightful article. Another way to have fish, grilled fish is to add salt and lemon only as seasoning. It’s to die for.
    Coach A and Tracy, thank you for sharing this article. I will share it with friends and family, especially the Directors ofy daughter’s school, and the Parents Community. Unfortunately the School only serves fish 1 a week, and 90% of the children refuse to eat it.

    • Hi Massoxi,

      Thanks for sharing that recipe, I’ll be sure to try it out.
      I agree with that step, perhaps if the school and the children knew more of the benefits, they would try to eat it more.


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