5 Common Workout Injuries And Their Treatment

Oops!! You mean I didn’t mention, you could get injured while working out? I’m sorry, you can actually.

Exercise is a physical activity and as such there is definite friction which can result in injuries.

Here are a few of the most common injuries and treatments for them.

1) Shoulder Strain; the rotator cuff is often the cause of shoulder injuries. Trauma is usually caused by excessive weight lifting and progression.

If you lift a lot of weights, you may be at risk of this injury.

Treatment: Use a cold pack/heat ointment to massage it. Lay off the weights for a while.

2) Low Back Strains;  A sudden, sharp twinge in your lower back during your workout could be a sign you’ve overdone it.

Squats or deadlifts with improper form wreaks havoc on the lower back.

Treatment: try to do waist rotations and massage your waist lightly.


3) Bicep Tendonitis: Pain in front of the shoulder and upper-arm weakness may be a sign of tendonitis, an overuse injury that typically occurs from repetitive motions. Weightlifting, swimming, tennis and golf can all cause biceps tendinitis.

Biceps tendonitis refers to the inflammation of a tendon that attaches your upper biceps muscle to the bones of the shoulder

Treatment: Rest and medication.

4) Muscle Strain: A muscle strain (or even more serious tear) refers to damage of a muscle or the tendons that attach it to bones.

Signs of a strain include redness, swelling, pain, and weakness of that particular muscle.

Treatment: If you have a minor strain, you may be able to treat it at home with rest, ice, and heat therapy.

5) Ankle Sprain:

This commonly affects runners and joggers. Not only does this hurt like hell, it could also bench you for an entire month.

Even the treadmill doesn’t keep you safe from this: classic causes include jumping off too quickly or mistakenly stepping half on the belt and half off of it while it’s still running – ouch!

Treatment: cold pack/deep heat massage.

There you have it ladies, this is not to scare but inform you.

So stay safe while you workout ladies.

Please let me know if you’ve sufdered any injuries and how you treated it.


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