“So a lot of my friends will know about 5years ago I lost quite a bit of weight through a fitness bootcamp but unfortunately I had to stop due to work commitments! The weights piled on gradually and when I started to struggle into my size 14s after my summer holiday this year I knew something had to change! So 1st of Sept I joined April Laugh having tried all sorts that I could not sustain! It’s the best gift I’ve given to myself in a long time! I have not stepped into a gym since I joined but yes I exercise within the comfort of my home, 5weeks on I have lost just over 6kg, built lean muscles, no more spanx, can eat from all food groups and have a group of ladies that inspire me daily! This is one I can surely guarantee your money back as long as you follow your individual plan through! For the cynics I am not being paid to advertise someone else’s business nor do I get a discount because you are joining the group! I am just being open and sharing what is working for me and hoping you can give up fads and try a total lifestyle change??””

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