“12 weeks already and 33lbs off, like where did the time go?? Definitely loving the new me. Not where I want to be yet but not where I used to be. I got to meet this amazing Mrs Fats? through my sister in love(Dr. Temz). I woke up to her transformation pics couple of months ago and I was like “WOW”. I just kept bombarding her with questions like how did you do it? What happened to you? It was just like magic to be. Because the Temi I know is a lover of good food (unhealthy ones) like me ?.. plus I know she’s got crazy schedule, like me as well.. so, was just wondering how was she able to do this.. so, she gave me coach’s email.. I didn’t even wait till the next day, I sent that email on the spot.. let’s just say my life has never been the same since then? in terms of my food choices and getting my exercise on . Thanks to my monitoring spirit coach(guys she’s got a monitoring spirit o, ?like I get scared to cheat even though she’s thousands of miles away, it’s always as if she’s right in front of me whispering IF YOU DARE?) and thanks to my amazing Fithive sisters for the daily motivation! “

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