Healthy Pregnancy Snack Ideas

Welcome to pregnancy where you eat multiple times a day and still end up being hungry most of the time šŸ˜­šŸ˜­. Nobody mentioned this part or at least they didn’t say it will be this intense right?

I mean it can be such a challenge trying to balance eating healthy with eating healthy but also craving appropriate food. It can be really overwhelming especially for moms who want to eat well during their pregnancies but find themselves constantly feeling the need to snack on something.

The things is even before most of us got pregnant, we were already regular snackers, some snacks to eat through work and an apple or two after dinner while binge watching Netflix. So now that we are pregnant, it is even harder to resist the urge to turn one Netflix movie into a feast of snacks.

Ultimately, snacks are to be encouraged both for those who are losing weight and everyone else, the only point to note is that the snacks should be healthy so that 200 calories doesn’t become 1000 calories or more with fizzy drinks and bags of chips to go with it.

So if you are a preggy mama and you’ve been thinking of healthy snacks that are also enjoyable, please see a list of some of them as well, that you can enjoy without packing on calories to your daily limit.


1) Hummus/Avo Dip And Carrots/Cucumber; if you have a movie and want to munch while seeing the movie or you just want a distraction as you wait for dinner (no judgement here), this is a great choice.

Just mash one medium avocados with a sprinkle of seasoning and enjoy with your sliced carrots or cucumbers.

2)Ā  Baked Potatoes; potatoes are a great choice for weightloss as they are satisfying and very tasty.

So get your peelers, peel your potatoes, cut them as desired and sprinkle with seasoning. Finally, bake them in your oven preheated at 425 degrees and for 30 minutes.

3) Mixed Berry Smoothie; smoothies are definitely the go to option for filling, yummy and colorful meals that are also quick and easy to make.

For a thick meal to sip on, try this yummy mixed berry smoothie.

Just get your berries and ice in your smoothie maker, blend it to your desired consistency, add some skimmed milk and mix some more.

4) Banana/Apples And Peanut Butter; this is a personal favorite ladies and I love it!!!

There is just something about banana and peanut butter that is satisfying and yummy at the same time.

Just get your bananas/Apples, slice them up in a player, add two tea spoons of peanut butter and enjoy!!!

5) Avocado And Toast; this combo is definitely sure to keep you full for as long as a regular meal.

Slice your avocado, lay it on the bread and drizzle some honey on it.

Something tells me you can already taste this.

Enjoy these yummy and healthy meals Mamas without breaking the calorie bank šŸ˜.


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