Gym Wear For Pregnant/New Moms

Can I wear the same gym clothes I wore when I was not pregnant, now that I am pregnant? Well before now, my answer was it depends, because I thought so until I got pregnant for my beautiful daughter.

My answer now is a resounding no, because when pregnant, you need more support, more cushion and definitely no laces in your gym shoes. Even without all these reasons, you’re very likely to add on a few pounds and as such, your old leggings may become too tight and eventually uncomfortable for you.

As your pregnancy advances and you continue to hit the gym, one of the first things you need to change is your bra top. This is because almost immediately, your boobs will get bigger and as a result, need more support. You will most likely need a firmer but more cushioned bra and one that is definitely big enough to accommodate your new boobs size. In addition to your bra, you also need bra tops. This will provide you with more support and prevent the jiggling.

You will also need new leggings, most likely high waisted ones that come up to cover your bump. This is because squatting with your leggings just hanging around your waist might become uncomfortable to say the least, and you will find yourself trying to drag them up to cover your bump.

Shoes without laces cannot be overemphasized. When your pregnancy gets more advanced, you may find it to be such a chore to bend down and begin to tie your laces. So if you plan to be active till your second and third trimester, it may be time to invest in new shoes.

I’ll give you a few bonus things because I love all my readers. Try to have your own foam mat for the gym, because you want to avoid at all costs, any skin irritation or itching that may occur as a result of sharing your mat with someone else.

There you have it ladies, yes you need new gym clothes when you’re pregnant and yes you can have a very safe and active pregnancy period.

So quick question ladies, did you get new gym wear when you were pregnant?


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