“I joined the Lifestyle change because I had really let myself go. I had reached 94kg!!! I had no one to blame but myself. There were days I would eat a tub of Haagen Dazs Ice Cream and 12 cookies from Subway 🙈. I started getting joint pains here and there and I was always feeling unwell. I was tired of avoiding people who knew me when I was slimmer and running away from photos, or standing in the back behind everyone else. My goal was to lose 10kg by the end of these 12 weeks but with the constant motivation from my husband, April and our Fitness coaches, I lost 15kg! When I started, none of my clothes fit, now they’re all too big! I’m so much more confident! I can wear colourful, body-con dresses – I no longer have to wear black baggy bin bags. I’m treating my body so much better and I’m setting a better example for my son. I’ve learned how to prepare healthy meals and fit in exercise no matter what. Thank you April, Team Coaches, and the ladies in #TeamJustDoIt!!”

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