Getting Back Into Routine After Baby

So you have probably had your maternity leave, enjoyed a few weeks of nonstop baby mode and you’re now ready to get back to a little bit of a normal routine, with your baby. The question becomes how?

It will take a lot of planning and dedication, but it will be worth it after it is achieved.

So after a few weeks of sleepless nights, the first step to getting back on a routine will be getting your baby to sleep at night and for a reasonable length of time.

How do you do this? Well one way is to expose your baby differently. During the day time hours, try to move your baby away from their nursery or sleeping place and into a room with more light and activity. You may keep them there till it is bed time again.

The rationale behind this is that your baby will begin to associate their bedroom with being a place of rest, and that going there means it is bed time.

Another helpful thought is to take things gradually. Don’t quickly rush into intense HIIT sessions, no. Try to aim for brisk walks, modified exercises and then build from there.

During this time, it is also imperative to listen to your body. Listen to know what you enjoy, what seems too much and when to stop.

Once again, please take it easy with yourself and enjoy these moments.

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