How To Run/Walk 100 miles In 30 Days

So once again, summer is around the corner, and everyone seems to be dusting their fitness shoes and getting ready to put in the work.

There are also a few who are not just trying to get in shape, but also trying to do some good while at it, so whether it is for the aesthetics, or for a good deed, here is a guide to help you run/walk a 100 miles in 30 days.

You know I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to consistently do the work, so that it adds up in the long run, (get it? 🤣🤣)

But really, it’s about taking 10,000 steps today and 20,000 tomorrow and before you know it, you are counting a 100,000 steps.

Please consult your physician before embarking on this. This is merely a guide and not intended to replace medical concerns at all.

So in an ideal four week month, here’s how to run/walk 100 miles.


Week 1; Walk/Run for 2 miles daily till Friday. Double that on Saturday and make it 4 miles making 14 miles

Week 2; Walk/Run for 3 miles daily till Friday. Make it 5 miles on Saturday. That is a total of 20 miles

Week 3; Walk/Run for 5 miles daily till Friday. Make it 7 miles on Saturday. That makes a total of 32 miles

Week 4; Walk/Run for 5 miles from Monday to Wednesday, make it 7 miles on Thursday and Friday. Finally, do a 10 mile on Saturday. That is a total of 39 miles.

If you add all these miles together, you have a total of 105 miles.


As I said at the beginning, little drips of water,make a mighty ocean, so start taking steps today.

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