“I don’t want to sound so cliché on this post but maybe I would.  6weeks ago I was weighing 74kgs, I had tried to manage my meals to lose weight but it wasn’t working. I felt heavy and I didn’t like my look so much. What was worse was that I didn’t have any strength or desire to play with my kids. 😱It just sapped everything out of me. I wanted to eat healthy but that was hard as I would normally just grab anything along the way and eat to fill me up during the day. I had heard about the #LifestyleChangeWithApril and I used to read all the reviews.  They sounded really convincing. I liked the fact that it was about a total LIFESTYLE CHANGE so I decided to jump on. Hoping I could achieve my goal of losing btn 5-10kgs and also be on a road of feeding my family healthy meals. Today I smile because after 6weeks, I have lost 6kgs. I eat well balanced meals. I am more energetic. My kids are happier because I’m less cranky and I let them play..whew!!! I could go on and on. All I would say is if you really want to make a change in your lifestyle and you want to be healthier and lose some few kilograms you should jump on this train. Not only do you have a team of really caring and well motivated women on board but you would see a brand new you, no kidding.” 

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