“I remember my conversation with my Coach of Life vividly. I was apprehensive while she was reeling out the guidelines then I blurted out I do not run ooo April; in a chilled voice she said that’s fine then you walk. 😂 I have had seasonal diets, I had slogans ” I have always been big since birth do you know what I weighed…… I really don’t eat ooo, I have big bones blah blah etc.” None worked but on this journey I have learnt a healthier lifestyle, discipline and grown physically and spiritually! To top it up, guess what? I love to run now! Amazing💃🏾Permit me to say these past few months have been the best moments of my life in a long time.  My friend said to me what are you doing? You have done other things before but I have never seen such change like this.”

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