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“A year ago, I looked at my photos and I was shocked at how big I’d gotten. No, this wasn’t a result of having 2 kids, this was me living a sedentary lifestyle. I ate somewhat healthy, but my activity level was zero. . If you’ve been following me for a bit, you’ll remember I tried […]


 “My journey with April has been a life changing experience. To think that I eat 3 square meals and snack in between and still shed weight is a miracle. I have tried so many things to shed weight and I end up gaining double the weight I lost. Thank you to the amazing ladies in […]


“I just wanna seize this opportunity to thank April wholeheartedly for this job you do. You have changed lives and raised our self confidence to another level. Our bodies are our identities. You have transformed us and brought out the better part of us. I never knew what being healthy was till I followed you […]


“Well, I made it through the 12 weeks. It’s excellent! I have my energy back, and I am more confident again. It has been challenging and fun. I didn’t reach the goal I initially stated, but it was on purpose. I am most comfortable with the way that I look at 155lbs, so I stopped […]


“My Journey on April Laugh started Dec 1st 2017, shortly after returning from a vacation and I was totally disappointed with how I was eating and looking… My clothes didn’t fit anymore, I was struggling until I stumbled on April’s page on IG and guess what a promo was on for an extra month… what […]


“Prior to joining, I had little or no motivation to workout or stick to eating clean. In my group, I am constantly coached and motivated, I feel great physically and emotionally! On left picture was taken in March I was weighing 165.8lbs and yesterday on the right I was weighing 140.3lbs. At the Yourba party […]


“Coach of life! I never knew that following you on Instagram would be one of the best decisions I’ve made. For months, I kept on seeing the transformation pictures on Instagram and thought to myself, “Why can’t that be me?” Until, I eventually signed up in July…I THANK GOD I DID! Because now i have lost […]


“PS: I barely had ass before now it’s disappeared 🙈😂😭. So I started this journey at 88.1kg and 27% fat and after 12 weeks with a few bumps in the road I am now at 81.95 kg and 21.7% body fat! I’m definitely not where I want to be yet but I know I will […]


“I remember going through April’s page for the first time on Instagram and seeing people’s transformation pictures thinking how can they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner; and still lose weight. It’s definitely photoshopped. 😲Then I decided to follow her so that I could see more transformation pics and judge better if they are photoshopped or […]


“First I was a bit hesitant to join because the previous ones didn’t motivate me enough to achieve my goals but seeing all the transformation pictures I decided to give it a try😊😊… so I contacted April through an email and trust me I got the quickest response ever. So I was like well I […]